Five Things Friday

The work week after having a long weekend is always the pits but thankfully it is finally Friday!! Here are 5 things that are whats up with me (I’m going to be one of those “cool hip moms” just you wait and see).

1. Captain America The Winter Soldier – I saw this movie with my Mom on Wednesday and it was so good! I have a soft spot for comic book characters though and (usually) enjoy (most of) the movies that come out about them. Spiderman lost me a couple franchises ago, and Wolverine is my favourite X-Men but for some reason I couldn’t be bothered to watch the newest movie but the majority of the movies that come out I enjoy.


2. My body has been craving crisp, raw vegetables for the past couple days and I have been making this salad for a few days straight now. Last night for dinner I made it with:

– 1/2 cucumber

– 2 peppers (one yellow, one red)

– 1 tomato

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and voila! So delicious. I think Baby B may be obsessed with raw veggies just like I was as a kid. Seriously I used to eat green peppers like an apple.

3. Nursery Decor. I really want to push to get this done in the next couple weeks. Just like my wedding, I keep just going with pieces that I am drawn to and so far everything has a visible theme! Think light grey, off-white frames, and an homage to baseball. I am really digging these prints for our feature wall over the crib by ZeppiPrints on Etsy.



And I have been looking for some sweet baseball quotes to put on our frame wall that is going to go over the change table. The centerpiece of this frame wall will be one of the photos of our wedding party at the baseball field I just haven’t decided on what one yet.


4. Tomorrow I have the dreaded glucose test. This test is done when you are 26-28 weeks pregnant and screens for gestational diabetes by making you drink a super sugary orange drink in 5 minutes, waiting an hour, then they draw a bunch of blood. I have heard the baby just goes nuts for that hour and you feel like you can scale buildings the sugar high is so intense but then you crash…hard. So should be interesting. I made the appointment for early in the morning so I can have a good breakfast and then just get it over with.

5. Have I mentioned that I am going to the Backstreet Boys in 2 weeks!? WHAT?! Yes I am so excited. We have really good floor seats and I will be rockin’ a pretty major baby bump. I kind of want to have fun with it and make a shirt like this:

lukebryanExcept of course it will say Nick Carter instead of Luke Bryan. Or Brian Littrell. Either one would work for me 🙂

Other possible t-shirt options include:

“Future BSB Fan”

“It’s Brian’s” with an arrow (but get it?…cuz it is Brian’s…)

So imagine amazing shirt, giant baby bump, right up front, dancing like this:

twerkAmazing visual am I right? BTW that is AJ McLean twerking. If you do not know who that is we can no longer be friends.

Tell Me: 5 things that are going on with you! 

xo T

Hard Times

So last week was one of the hardest times that Brian and I have had….ever. For a few days we were not sure how we were going to manage financially in the next month or if Brian would even have a job. It was very difficult and hormonal pregnant tears were shed because of all of the uncertainty. Add on top of that that our fur baby Mika was not doing well at all. To the point of not being able to walk unassisted, peeing all over the house uncontrollably, and not being able to sleep through the night without crying. Last week I was at the Vet’s office twice and each time was not good news. We actually had an emergency appointment on Saturday (why does this kind of stuff always happen on long weekends?!) where we thought we were going to have to say goodbye to her. Among other things, the biggest thing that we found out is that Mika is diabetic and now has to receive insulin shots twice a day. She can now walk for short periods of time with help from a towel around her hips and if you go slow (she has a limp on her right front shoulder as well), but believe it or not this is huge progress compared to just a few days ago when it would take both Brian and I to help her go to the bathroom.

I understand that she is almost 14 but Brian and I wanted to be positive that we did absolutely everything we could for her before we took that final step. So far this is paying off and her body is recovering from all the craziness that it was going through last week. As most dog owners can relate, Mika is like our child and a goodbye is never going to be easy. The best we can do is make sure that she continues to have a good quality of life, which she still has.


So needless to say last week was a bit of a write-off for housework, socializing, reading(!!), and blogging. Now that everything is (finally) starting to look up for us I feel a lot better. It was one of those things where you know there is a reason everything is happening at once but it is so stressful you don’t realize why you had to go through what you did until later. Brian and I had to have a lot of hard conversations about both situations and had to really support each other when we both needed it. If anything last week made me extremely grateful for Brian and the relationship that we share.

This was a pretty heavy post, so how about I share with you something that made me LOL (very unattractively I might add) at work:


You’re welcome.


xo T

Pregnancy in GIFs

Since I hoard GIFs like no one’s business and I love them oh so much I decided to do another pregnancy post in GIF form much like this one.


This legitimately is the only thing I have been craving…

mimosa and a glass of wine with a side of beer…

My face when I realized we were responsible for naming someone for the rest of their life


followed closely by


and now it is more an intermittent case of


My current reaction to any sort of commercial involving kids:


How pregnancy hormones affect your body while reading/watching any sort of romantic book, movie, or TV show


When Brian tells me not to snack because dinner is almost ready, I’m like:


Trying to grasp the concept of how a baby can grow from a sesame seed to a large melon in 40 weeks at first was like:


Trying to picture exactly how said large melon makes it’s way out of my body


When people tell me how horrible their birth experience was in horrible graphic detail



Hope you all had a great weekend!


xo T



6 Months

Oh hey there belly, I almost didn’t see you poking out…

25 weeks

Is it just me or did I all of a sudden sprout a pointy tummy? For comparison sake here is a side-by-side of 22 weeks versus 25 weeks.

6 monthsRight?! It also depends on what I am wearing, but still there ain’t no denying that there is a baby in there. (btw I just realized that I tend to wear this scarf quite a bit…)

In other Baby B news, Brian (finally) felt him kick! He kicks like crazy and Brian has been able to see it (like for realz my stomach moves) but anytime his hand is on there, nothing happens haha. But last night it finally happened and it solicited this reaction from Brian:


I’m kidding but it was still exciting 🙂 He actually had his head on my stomach so he felt as well as heard the movements which was pretty cool.

We also met with our new OB this week and I already feel a lot more comfortable with her compared to my previous doctor so it went really well. Funny story though: a resident did the doppler to hear the heartbeat and almost as soon as she put it on my stomach he karate kicked the mic and swam away! I have a feeling we have a little handful coming our way pretty soon. This most definitely does not stem from his parent’s nicknames being Tawnster Monster and B the T (Brian the Terrible) growing up…

xo T


Hi friends!

I have kind of fallen off the blogging train after coming back from our babymoon two weeks ago…forgive me? I pushed writing about the babymoon because I didn’t take ANY photos. Like not one and I am not really ashamed of it as I didn’t think we did anything crazy exciting but I still feel bad. But I am back and our babymoon was fabulous!

We ended up going to a small town in Montana that is close to Whitefish at a timeshare that Brian’s coworker owns. Our accommodations were free and we also got complimentary massages, but we had to sit through a sales meeting on the timeshares on one of the afternoons. That ended up only taking about and hour and a half so it was well worth it 🙂

I had my first prenatal massage (which was actually my first massage ever as well) and it was soooo relaxing! I had to lay on my side and hug a pillow and then had to rotate halfway through so that the masseuse could do the other side. Baby B must have liked how relaxed I felt because he was moving around like crazy while it was happening which prevented me from falling asleep but that is probably a good thing. Brian got to do a hot rock massage and when he came out he had such red indents on his face from the massage table that it took a good 45 minutes for them to fade!

Our whole purpose of the babymoon was to get away one last time before Baby B comes and reconnect without TV, our cell phones, my kindle, or any other distractions. We had really in-depth conversations about parenting and our future which was really nice to reaffirm that we are both on the same page with everything Baby and parenting related.

The other thing we did was eat. We ate some ah-mazing food from brick oven pizzas, to chicken risotto to a local rib joint that had the best fry bread with honey butter that I have ever experienced. We had such a range of food choices and we didn’t eat at the same place twice just so that we could experience as much as possible. We also did some shopping for the baby and got some outfits for him as well as some summer maternity clothes for me (maxi skirts FTW!).

Nothing super exciting has happened since we have gotten back from the States except for getting a (free) 3D ultrasound done! It really worked out in our favour that my friend needed a (pregnant) guinea pig to test the ultrasound machine for them and I jumped at the chance to see Baby B moving around in there again. He was moving like crazy and we got some 3D photos of him that are pretty trippy because he is still so skinny but it was an awesome experience.

I hope you all haven’t missed me too much 😉

xo T