Pregnancy in GIFs

Since I hoard GIFs like no one’s business and I love them oh so much I decided to do another pregnancy post in GIF form much like this one.


This legitimately is the only thing I have been craving…

mimosa and a glass of wine with a side of beer…

My face when I realized we were responsible for naming someone for the rest of their life


followed closely by


and now it is more an intermittent case of


My current reaction to any sort of commercial involving kids:


How pregnancy hormones affect your body while reading/watching any sort of romantic book, movie, or TV show


When Brian tells me not to snack because dinner is almost ready, I’m like:


Trying to grasp the concept of how a baby can grow from a sesame seed to a large melon in 40 weeks at first was like:


Trying to picture exactly how said large melon makes it’s way out of my body


When people tell me how horrible their birth experience was in horrible graphic detail



Hope you all had a great weekend!


xo T



Totem Pole Leggings

Hey everyone!

This week seemed to fly by but go really slow at the same time somehow. No? Just me? Alright then.

I went to a legging party last night (yup I said legging party) and it was…good? I don’t really know how to explain what happened but basically I went by myself and I was the only. one. there. The weather was crap yesterday with blowing snow so I wasn’t expecting a lot of people, but as soon as I showed up the hostess had to leave for another party leaving me with her husband and her two kids (one of which was having a melt down as she was leaving). I didn’t really know what to do so I just stared really hard at all the different patterns of leggings that were on display and tried to fade into the back ground. If anyone would have gotten the joke I totally would have moonwalked right out of the situation…



So on one hand I love the two leggings that I got, but the whole experience was a bit odd to say the least. The little girl was super cute though and even wrote me a ‘receipt’ on a post-it. I ended up getting one pair of capris leggings that are a floral print on a white background and a pair of full length ones that are more aztec print than anything. Both are SUPER soft and I immediately put the full length ones on last night to wear around the house. Brian said that I looked like a walking totem pole. I wasn’t sure how to take it but I am going to take it as there is a compliment in there somewhere.

While I was being a wall flower and getting some leggings, Brian made homemade pizza for us for dinner. It is kind of scary how well that man knows me sometimes because one of the pizzas he made had kale, chicken, and srircha on it. Man of the year right there! It kind of makes up for the fact that he called me a walking totem pole.

So what do you have on the agenda for this weekend? I will most definitely be hanging out in my awesome leggings and Brian and I might finish Friday Night Lights! I am going to be so sad when it is over, Riggins is like a part of me now.


xo T

Pregnancy Brain 101

I thought I would use my love of GIFs to demonstrate what the past 19.5 weeks of pregnancy has been like for me. Enjoy!

When I dream about drinking wine or beer and it is so real I can actually taste it…but then I wake up.


When I finally have a day that it looks like I have a bump and not just that I have eaten too much I’m like:


When my (male) boss has a conversation with me about how much a woman’s body changes during pregnancy


When I am too hungry to sleep at 3 am and I make a snack. Doesn’t matter what I eat, this is what I look like:


Brian’s face when I tell him what I ate at 3 am:


When I read too many romance novels due to my raging hormones.


On the days that everything I own does not fit me right:


When I think about Brian with our baby:


When it hits me that my body will NEVER look the same:


When people give us tips on “the best baby sleeping technique” and then complain about how exhausted they are because their baby isn’t sleeping well.


xo T

Blame the Hormones Pt. 2

In the first Blame the Hormones post I talked about my current obsession with snoogles and lots and lots of books. In this installment I am going to once again blame the pregnancy hormones that are taking over my body by talking about my crushes. “But you’re married!” you may say to me. Well you know, pregnancy is a fickle thing in that it makes me fall even more in love with my husband everyday but at the same time momma enjoys her eye candy.

sorryIn full disclosure Brian knows all about these guys just like how I know about his infatuation with Tara Reid before she got all weird and had a botched tummy tuck.

Number one on my list is who Brian and I refer to as my boyfriend: Brett Lawrie is lucky numero uno. I honestly don’t have a good reason except I blame Brian for this crush because before him I didn’t know anything about baseball except that you can break bones when you fall sliding into a base (I learned this the hard way). And in some ways he kind of reminds me of Brian 🙂 Awwwww


Number two is going to be of no surprise to anyone who reads my blog often (Hi Mom!): Taylor Kitsch a.k.a Riggins from Friday Night Lights. C’mon now do I really need to explain this one at all?


**Side note: apparently I have a thing for jocks/guys in uniforms…

And finally, Charlie Hunnam a.k.a Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. He would have made an awesome Christian Grey that’s all I’m sayin’.


Now that I just brightened up everyone’s Wednesday I am going to continue to drool over these three photos that I just downloaded to my desktop! Enjoy!


Tell me: Who are you crushing on?

xo T

Friday Faves

Gah I cannot believe it is already Friday and the last day in January! How did that month go by so quick? I thought I would fill ya’ll in on some things I am loving lately before the weekend kicks off.

1. Lunch with my momma. The server kept commenting how much we look alike, what do you think?


2. This


Maybe it is just because my hormones are on steroids right now but this seriously made me tear up. #sogonnadothis

3. My sister just rescued a little chihuahua and I cannot wait to meet her! Her name is Taro and I have a feeling that she is going to give me puppy fever to add to my existing baby fever.

4. I will be 15 weeks on Saturday and I think I see a bump! In order to make sure it is an actual bump and not just bloating though I will hold off on showing photos. No one wants to see bloated photos of themselves on the internet…

5. One of my favourite places on the internet that just “gets me” and my humour is this blog. One time Windy and I went through every single page giggling uncontrollably.


6. Brian sent this to me this morning. Totally made my day.

Have a great weekend!

xo T

Marvelous Monday

Well the beginning of another week and unfortunately it is starting off snowy. This is the view I get from my office window today:



However I refuse to only focus on the negatives and instead choose to be Marvelous In My Monday. Thanks Katie for the link up!



The first snowfall of the season is always a bit scary to drive in because everyone is used to dry roads and keep thinking that they can drive the same way when there is snow on the ground. Especially with my new car I am super paranoid and drive like an old lady in the winter most of the time 🙂 #aintnoshame. Brian left for Edmonton yesterday and isn’t back until tomorrow which sucks because I can never sleep well when he isn’t there. Usually I have to watch Netflix on the iPad until I fall asleep which usually works but last night it backfired. I always save the most ridiculous and girly shows to watch when Brian isn’t around so I don’t get made fun of, so last night I started Season One Episode One of The Vampire Diaries….and it sucked me in. Like bad. Coupled with the fact that I already couldn’t fall asleep, I got sucked in (ha get the pun?) and I stayed up a lot later than usual because the show was surprisingly good. And then when I did fall asleep I had super messed up dreams because I had watched 3 hours of vampireness beforehand. Ugh such a bad idea.



So today is definitely a coffee day.

Other than that my weekend was pretty good! I accomplished my goal of being active all weekend with yoga on Friday, a 5 km on Saturday and a cool 7 miles on Sunday. The Goodbye Party/Birthday party on Saturday night was a bit of a bust unfortunately. Only 8 people showed up and the only highlight was all the boys doing a shot from this unmarked bottle of liquor that someone had brought back from Kenya. We are all pretty sure it was straight rubbing alcohol but they did it anyway and I wish we had recorded their reactions (hint: it looked exactly like you think it would look like when someone takes a drink of something similar to rubbing alcohol).


Last night we had family dinner at my parents house (sans Brian of course) which was delicious and I tried kohlrabi for the first time! Ian just boiled it until tender and I ate mine plain (I love me some veggies!). We all agreed it tasted like a mix between broccoli stems and cauliflower. Pretty neat! We enjoyed it alongside a pheasant that Ian had caught (shot).  And then we played Heads Up. Which is a game you download on your iPad that apparently Ellen Degeneres plays with some of her guests on her show (It’s only $0.99 in the App Store)




It is HILARIOUS! You can choose different categories and your team has to get you to say the word on the screen to get as many of the words within a minute. The game comes loaded with a bunch of categories but you can buy extra ones if you want. My family and I chose to buy the Adult Supervision category because we are not awkward. it could get awkward fast if you play this category with the wrong people but honestly the category is worth a try just once (it’s not THAT bad). Some of the other categories are:

– Act It Out (no talking, you have to act out what the word or scene is on the screen)

– Blockbusters (movie titles)

– Icons, Legends, and Idols

– Hey Mr. Dj (have to get them to guess the song name and singer. You are supposed to hum it but we allowed singing as long as you didn’t sing the name of the song)

It was a great time and a good way to get some laughs in while spending quality time with your family. I hope you all have a great Monday!

xo T