Pregnancy Brain 101

I thought I would use my love of GIFs to demonstrate what the past 19.5 weeks of pregnancy has been like for me. Enjoy!

When I dream about drinking wine or beer and it is so real I can actually taste it…but then I wake up.


When I finally have a day that it looks like I have a bump and not just that I have eaten too much I’m like:


When my (male) boss has a conversation with me about how much a woman’s body changes during pregnancy


When I am too hungry to sleep at 3 am and I make a snack. Doesn’t matter what I eat, this is what I look like:


Brian’s face when I tell him what I ate at 3 am:


When I read too many romance novels due to my raging hormones.


On the days that everything I own does not fit me right:


When I think about Brian with our baby:


When it hits me that my body will NEVER look the same:


When people give us tips on “the best baby sleeping technique” and then complain about how exhausted they are because their baby isn’t sleeping well.


xo T


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