Happy Friday!

Hey Friends! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week has FLOWN by. I am not complaining though 😉

Brian and I went to an annual fair we have in our city called Whoop-Up Days last night for his very first time. After 8 years of living here he has never been! My boss gave me two free entrance tickets and two unlimited ride wristbands for the midway so it was a free date night! We had to park a couple blocks away because there were cars EVERYWHERE, apparently our city gets super excited for these kinds of events and people go a bit nuts. The air smelled like burning rubber and made me a bit uncomfortable about the whole ride situation. The whole idea of these rides being put together in a day does not make me feel very safe to be suspended upside down in them you know? Luckily we ran into a contractor that Brian knows through work and he had his kids with him, so we decided to give them our ride tickets and save them some money. Brian was not feeling the rides either, so it made us feel good to give them to someone who would actually appreciate the rides. On that note, all of the rides that I remember from childhood like the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Zipper seem so small now! I remember them looking massive and super intimidating when I was younger! Anyone else?


The upside to this free date night adventure was the people watching! You really see all types of people at these events and the outfits on some of the girls were ridiculous! It was a hot summer night but some of the shorts these girls were wearing were S-H-O-R-T. Brian kept telling me that our future daughter(s) were not allowed to come here on their own, and that he would bring some of his friends with walkie-talkies and keep tabs on her ha ha! After we walked around the place a couple times, Brian looked at me and said, “Want to get out of here and get some Froyo?” Ah how I love that man!

Yep that is a rasta penguin. Random!

Yep that is a rasta penguin. Random!

In all it was fun to get out of the usual routine and do something different, but we both decided that it just wasn’t for us. If I hadn’t received those free passes we probably wouldn’t have even gone but at least we can say that we did! And the Froyo was delicious as always. Cinnamon Toast Swirl FTW!


Brian is out of town this weekend so it is just me and Mika holding down the fort. My friend invited me to a rodeo tonight (can you tell I live in Alberta?!) so I may check that out just to get out of the house. I am kind of excited though because usually when Brian is gone I get super creative with my cooking because I don’t have to appease him and his tastes. For example, last time he worked a night shift bartending I had Froyo and homemade sweet potato fries for dinner. And it was amazing 🙂

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? What do you like to do when your significant other is gone for a couple days?