Lil Kate

I am officially walking like a cowboy cowgirl. I did a workout last night called Lil Kate that Meg posted earlier this week and it was the kick in the ass that I needed!


There was a storm just south of us so it was super muggy in my non-air conditioned house so I was sweating like a beast! This is defintely a great workout if you have been slacking and need a kick in the pants. I ran most of the sprints at a 6.3 (my 5 km pace is comfortably at a 5.5) but by the end I was pumping up the speed just so it would be done faster. I definitely needed to talk myself into not wussing out on the burpees as they are my least favourite thing ever but I completed the entire circuit twice through and did a little happy dance.


I have been pretty good with my workouts this week! However I did overindulge in some of my mom’s homemade blackberry rhubarb pie to the point where pants had to be unbuttoned. It was totally worth it though.

Monday: This run

Tuesday: “Sweat your turtle off!” Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Lil Kate

And tonight I am planning on doing a good yoga session to release some of the tight muscles Lil Kate caused. Brian and I don’t have too much planned this long weekend. I really need to do some housework though ugh.


Do you have any big plans for the long weekend?

Do you have a workout that can kick your bum when you need it? 


Bridal Portrait

I am so lucky to have an amazing photographer for a step-Dad. Not only did he shoot our entire wedding day, but he scouted out the perfect place to have my bridal portraits done. Ian found an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere that had a fabulous veranda and still had the 1950’s appliances inside, including an old school washing machine. I did my own hair and makeup for this shoot and I was really happy with how they turned out. We even had them on display at our reception and they were kept a surprise from Brian until then. (Sidenote: I had a few people ask me if I had taken the pictures the day of our wedding…yikes)


The amazing house Ian found

The amazing house Ian found


To get the above photo I had to climb over stacks of rotting wood and lots of various animal feces. Totally worth it though.


I call this photo my Pinterest Shot. Ian thought I was crazy but I thought it turned out pretty neat 🙂


We then stopped on the side of the road while the sun was going down to get a couple shots with the amazing Alberta foothills in the background.



I loved being able to wear my dress for a whole extra day! We displayed three of the canvasses from this shoot at the wedding and now own two while my mom owns the other one. I think it is a great way to get some extra shots of just you in your dress and I loved surprising Brian with them at the wedding. His face was priceless.


xo T

Upcoming Trips

There is nothing like having something exciting to look forward to. Especially when it involves travel..and planes. I grew up on planes! No really, every since I was four I have been flying (almost always by myself) twice a year every year to go see my dad who lives across the country. Planes have always been a no big deal for me which is why it is so funny to me that Brian is a self-described “white knuckle flyer”. The very first plane we went on together was really early on in our relationship and I almost asked to switch seats. He was all gittery (this was also due to him being a smoker at the time) and grumpy and it was awful. We have since figured out how to travel well together (thank god) so now I can go back to getting excited for upcoming flights.

Photo from our honeymoon!

Photo from our honeymoon!

Now to the good stuff. I have TWO exciting trips coming up and they both happen to be in November and right after each other…I may hate myself afterwards but at the moment I am pretty excited! The first trip is to Pheonix, Arizona with Brian’s parents! They invited us down to stay with them while they are looking after his uncle’s house. Neither of us have been to Arizona before so we are both very excited! I can’t wait for the shopping but Brian is under the impression that we are going to a lot of baseball games…yeah we will see how that turns out 😉

The second trip is for work and I have to leave the day after we get back from Pheonix but I get to go to Whistler! For all my American friends, Whistler is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Canada, especially when you go in Winter.



Pretty hilarious that I am going from the desert to a touristy Winter location! Hopefully I don’t lose my tan in the snow!

Question for you: Do you and your partner travel well together? What tips and tricks do you use to make the travel easier? Brian and I sometimes get a pint of beer in the airport before we travel. That and he gets some chewing tobacco (eww I know but it does the trick) and he is one happy camper for a couple of hours 😉


xo T

“Do I look like a triangle?”

Hi friends! Hope your Tuesday is starting off fabulously!

My Monday night ended up being pretty random. Brian and I are cat sitting for his boss who lives not too far from our house so last night we decided that we were going to run there, do the cats and then drive home. The run was just under 5 km (3 mi) and it pains me to admit that this was my first one outside in over 2 months (treadmill + netflix is just so much easier!). Brian has the endurance and speed of a cheetah and I knew (from previous experience) that I would pass out if I tried to keep pace with him so we both went our own pace and the road is so straight (c’mon now it’s Alberta, every road is straight) that it didn’t feel like we were running apart. Granted, halfway through he was just a speck on the horizon but it was extra motivation! I forgot how much easier it is to run outside with all the mental stimulation! The road we took was surrounded by horse paddocks and dugouts with ducks swimming in them so there was a lot to look at which was nice. The only thing that was a bummer was running into the wind which at times felt like so much resistance, but definitely helped cool me down.



I was only behind Brian by about 10 minutes which was better than I thought and it was good practice for the 5 km run we have coming up in mid September. We didn’t time it but we both wish that we did just so we could compare treadmill numbers and see if we are naturally faster or slower. The upcoming race is my first 5 km race and I am pretty excited/nervous but it is for a good cause and thats all that matters.

Brian got his gun license in the mail yesterday and it turned into a comparison between his face in that photo versus his drivers license photo. I had the same thing with my drivers license photo (recent) versus my gym ID from when I first signed up for the gym in November of 2011. We had a good laugh about it because we have come a long way together and I think that is what has made all the difference. We cheer each other on and try to make good food choices even though we both love chips way too much. Here is a photo comparison for reference:



I never started on this journey thinking that I need to lose any weight or anything like that, I just didn’t like the way I felt in my skin anymore and loved the feeling of endorphins after a really good workout. Brian and I have learned to incorporate our changes into our lifestyle which I think is one of the most important things. I don’t NEED to work out everyday, but I feel better when I do at least 30 mins of something every day whether it be running, yoga, zumba, walking Mika, or just light stretching. I am not sure what I weigh anymore as we do not own a scale but my clothes fit a lot better and I feel better in them and that is all that matters to me.

After our run last night I did some stretching and my own yoga sequence to stretch out my hips and quads while dinner was cooking. Mid triangle pose I said to Brian,

“Do I look like a triangle?”

He looked at me funny and tilted his head and “Uhhh, not really?”

Obviously disappointed, “Well I am in Triangle Pose. This is Triangle Pose. It’s supposed to look like a triangle!”

I am not defeated I am just going to assume that he has no idea what a human triangle is supposed to look like and will remain adamant that I was doing triangle pose correctly.


xo T

Reading, Rodeo and VMAs

Why hello there! Did you all have a good weekend? Brian was out of town so I spent most of my time bach-ing it and that meant eating eggs for most of my meals and reading an entire book in a day. #LivingLarge am I right?!

On Friday night I went to a rodeo with my friend Jo who was one of the bridesmaids at my wedding. Her job takes her out of town a lot so I hadn’t seen her since the wedding and it was great to finally catch up with her. She comes from a farming background so she could also tell me what was going on at the rodeo as I had no idea there were so many rules to each category! Saturday I bought a new book called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

It was an impulse buy and it reminded me of a mix between Twilight and Harry Potter with the main character, Clary Fray,  witnessing a murder in a nightclub but realizing that no one but her could see the situation happening. It turns out that the person who was murdered was not a person at all but a demon killed by Shadowhunters Jace, Isabelle, and Alec and Clary is in fact from Shadowhunter blood as well. It turns out that her mother had gone to great lengths to keep her from finding out about her abilities and had had a Warlock cast a spell on her memories every year so that she would not remember that she has ‘the sight’ and is not just a mundane (human). I only had 100 pages left when my mom and I went to the movie on Sunday. The thing that bothers me the most when books become movies are the changes that happen, granted some changes are necessary for on-screen adaptations, however in the Mortal Instruments movie they completely changed the ending from the book. Like COMPLETELY. There were little changes here and there throughout the movie which was fine but I hadn’t realized how significantly they changed the ending of the story until I finished the book when I got home from the movie. It was unfortunate because I liked the book (for an easy weekend read) and I liked the movie (for a tween movie) but they ended so different that to associate them together does not make sense. It is interesting because I wonder if it is because the author jumped at the first screenplay that she saw to hopefully rise to the same fame as Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer or if the movie executives did not give her a say. I think the issue lies with the author here, because the book ending was not a bad ending and I would have actually preferred that ending over the demon infested, portal shattering ending from the movie. Personally, I would be very disappointed if I was the author and saw this movie. Ok my rant for the day is done!

Did anyone watch the MTV VMAs last night? Here are the things that I liked about it:

1. ‘N Sync reunion obviously

2. Justin Timberlake’s performance. 20 minutes are you kidding me!? He was awesome.

3. Bruno Mars’ performance

Things that I didn’t like about the show:

Everything that wasn’t listed above.

It felt like I really wasted my time. Every performance I was excited for minus JT’s really disappointed me. I mean Robin Thicke sounded great but looked like Beetlejuice and Miley Cyrus can be summed up by the Smith Family’s reaction to her:



I felt uncomfortable watching her. I mean I get that she is trying to reestablish her image as far away from Hannah Montana as possible but I think it could be done with more class and less crotch lifting and foam-finger gyrating. I actually like her new song “We Can’t Stop” but she couldn’t even sing it live because she was out of breath from twerking Robin Thicke in front of his wife. Like I said: class.

So I guess I had two rants in me today! For a Monday that is pretty good! Did you watch the VMAs? What did you think?

xo T

Happy Friday!

Hey Friends! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week has FLOWN by. I am not complaining though 😉

Brian and I went to an annual fair we have in our city called Whoop-Up Days last night for his very first time. After 8 years of living here he has never been! My boss gave me two free entrance tickets and two unlimited ride wristbands for the midway so it was a free date night! We had to park a couple blocks away because there were cars EVERYWHERE, apparently our city gets super excited for these kinds of events and people go a bit nuts. The air smelled like burning rubber and made me a bit uncomfortable about the whole ride situation. The whole idea of these rides being put together in a day does not make me feel very safe to be suspended upside down in them you know? Luckily we ran into a contractor that Brian knows through work and he had his kids with him, so we decided to give them our ride tickets and save them some money. Brian was not feeling the rides either, so it made us feel good to give them to someone who would actually appreciate the rides. On that note, all of the rides that I remember from childhood like the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Zipper seem so small now! I remember them looking massive and super intimidating when I was younger! Anyone else?


The upside to this free date night adventure was the people watching! You really see all types of people at these events and the outfits on some of the girls were ridiculous! It was a hot summer night but some of the shorts these girls were wearing were S-H-O-R-T. Brian kept telling me that our future daughter(s) were not allowed to come here on their own, and that he would bring some of his friends with walkie-talkies and keep tabs on her ha ha! After we walked around the place a couple times, Brian looked at me and said, “Want to get out of here and get some Froyo?” Ah how I love that man!

Yep that is a rasta penguin. Random!

Yep that is a rasta penguin. Random!

In all it was fun to get out of the usual routine and do something different, but we both decided that it just wasn’t for us. If I hadn’t received those free passes we probably wouldn’t have even gone but at least we can say that we did! And the Froyo was delicious as always. Cinnamon Toast Swirl FTW!


Brian is out of town this weekend so it is just me and Mika holding down the fort. My friend invited me to a rodeo tonight (can you tell I live in Alberta?!) so I may check that out just to get out of the house. I am kind of excited though because usually when Brian is gone I get super creative with my cooking because I don’t have to appease him and his tastes. For example, last time he worked a night shift bartending I had Froyo and homemade sweet potato fries for dinner. And it was amazing 🙂

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? What do you like to do when your significant other is gone for a couple days?

Workout Photos

I really wish that I could take awesome workout photos but unfortunately I get super red when I run and super sweaty. I think the excess sweat is because I am running indoors at 28 degrees with no A/C and I moisturize a lot, but still. I am not one of those people that ‘glow’ when they run. Nope, no sir I definitely do my workouts quick and dirty and have slowly come to accept that I will look like a tomato no matter what exercise it is. Brian and I have got into a habit of working out as soon as we get home from work, however this usually results in a fight over who gets to use the treadmill first. I know #firstworldproblems right? But he only likes to run, whereas I alternate my running days with yoga, a circuit, or sometimes Zumba if I can find a video on YouTube that works for me (I have found out I am super picky about instructors and their styles, some just don’t have what it takes you know?). But anyways, on the days that I do want to run Brian always calls dibs! Such a pain.

"Take me for a walk mom!"

“Take me for a walk mom!”

So last night while he was doing a 5 km, I took Mika on a quick walk that is half of our usual route but it was hot out and she is 13 so I took it easy. When I came home he was STILL running (it had only been 23 minutes but who’s counting?) so I did 50 bicycle crunches, 30 up-downs, and some light stretching. When it was finally my turn I did a 5 k m (3.25 mi) sprint sequence where I sprinted for 40 seconds and rested for 20 seconds. I tried to do a consistent and easy 5 km but half way through the first mile I found myself getting restless and taking way too many water breaks so I pushed really hard and the time just flew by. Gotta love when that happens!

After our workout, Brian and I had baked chicken with local corn on the cob. I wasn’t super hungry and the chicken just wasn’t satisfying me so I only ate half of it and had two pieces of corn instead 🙂 I think today will be a yoga day as those up-downs killed my arms and the sprints hurt my tush (in a good way of course). My favourite yoga video at the moment is this one:

I first fell in love with it because all the neat leg stretches that were new to me. I still really like it because it is getting easier and easier to do the moves that were super difficult the first couple rounds.

Do you have a favourite workout video on YouTube? I would like to see! I did this Zumba video a few weeks ago and ended up doing the whole class just because I loved the teacher’s accent. Creepy I know but it made me sweat so thats good! (the workout, not the accent…)

xo T