Hi friends!

I have kind of fallen off the blogging train after coming back from our babymoon two weeks ago…forgive me? I pushed writing about the babymoon because I didn’t take ANY photos. Like not one and I am not really ashamed of it as I didn’t think we did anything crazy exciting but I still feel bad. But I am back and our babymoon was fabulous!

We ended up going to a small town in Montana that is close to Whitefish at a timeshare that Brian’s coworker owns. Our accommodations were free and we also got complimentary massages, but we had to sit through a sales meeting on the timeshares on one of the afternoons. That ended up only taking about and hour and a half so it was well worth it 🙂

I had my first prenatal massage (which was actually my first massage ever as well) and it was soooo relaxing! I had to lay on my side and hug a pillow and then had to rotate halfway through so that the masseuse could do the other side. Baby B must have liked how relaxed I felt because he was moving around like crazy while it was happening which prevented me from falling asleep but that is probably a good thing. Brian got to do a hot rock massage and when he came out he had such red indents on his face from the massage table that it took a good 45 minutes for them to fade!

Our whole purpose of the babymoon was to get away one last time before Baby B comes and reconnect without TV, our cell phones, my kindle, or any other distractions. We had really in-depth conversations about parenting and our future which was really nice to reaffirm that we are both on the same page with everything Baby and parenting related.

The other thing we did was eat. We ate some ah-mazing food from brick oven pizzas, to chicken risotto to a local rib joint that had the best fry bread with honey butter that I have ever experienced. We had such a range of food choices and we didn’t eat at the same place twice just so that we could experience as much as possible. We also did some shopping for the baby and got some outfits for him as well as some summer maternity clothes for me (maxi skirts FTW!).

Nothing super exciting has happened since we have gotten back from the States except for getting a (free) 3D ultrasound done! It really worked out in our favour that my friend needed a (pregnant) guinea pig to test the ultrasound machine for them and I jumped at the chance to see Baby B moving around in there again. He was moving like crazy and we got some 3D photos of him that are pretty trippy because he is still so skinny but it was an awesome experience.

I hope you all haven’t missed me too much 😉

xo T


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