Pregnancy in GIFs

Since I hoard GIFs like no one’s business and I love them oh so much I decided to do another pregnancy post in GIF form much like this one.


This legitimately is the only thing I have been craving…

mimosa and a glass of wine with a side of beer…

My face when I realized we were responsible for naming someone for the rest of their life


followed closely by


and now it is more an intermittent case of


My current reaction to any sort of commercial involving kids:


How pregnancy hormones affect your body while reading/watching any sort of romantic book, movie, or TV show


When Brian tells me not to snack because dinner is almost ready, I’m like:


Trying to grasp the concept of how a baby can grow from a sesame seed to a large melon in 40 weeks at first was like:


Trying to picture exactly how said large melon makes it’s way out of my body


When people tell me how horrible their birth experience was in horrible graphic detail



Hope you all had a great weekend!


xo T




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