If I Had $100

Brian surprised me the other day with a $100 gift card for Amazon and strict instructions to spend it on myself and not on either kid or home stuff. Just me. How is that such a weird concept to wrap my head around? My first thought was immediately nursery stuff because #nesting, but with that option off the table what was I left with? What did I want? That’s a hard thing to ask a mom I think because we usually put everyone else first and then figure out ourselves after. (In full disclosure, I had just over $10 left on my gift card after buying my loot and it went towards nursery stuff #momguilt)

Also, me being me I had to research the crap out of everything that I bought beforehand so it took me a couple days to finally add everything to my cart. Without further adieu, here is what I bought with my $100 on Amazon:

  1. Super B-Complex: Post-partum is no joke and I want to be as prepared as possible and nourish my body as best as I can while it is going through such an intense transition.
  2. Calcium Magnesium + Vitamin D3: This I plan on taking while still pregnant just to help my body but it is also good afterwards as well.
  3. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing: This is a best seller on Amazon under beauty and it really intrigued me! To use it you have to mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar so I bought that with my $100 as well.
  4. Argan Oil Hair Mask: I have been wanting a hair mask for a long time but just have never been able to justify buying one. Really curious if I notice a difference as my hair is VERY low maintenance (ie: I wash it 2x per week) and I don’t do much with it
  5. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System: A lot of the bloggers that I read use a Clarisonic once or twice a week as part of their cleansing routine but they are pretty pricey and based on the reviews for the Olay version, there isn’t a huge difference between the two besides the cost. 4.5 stars with 219 reviews is pretty awesome so for $20 it’s worth a try!

So as you can see I decided to splurge on beauty and health stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. I was also going to include collagen but my mom ended up buying some for both of us to try. I am SUPER intrigued by collagen and the benefits, I spent a lot of time researching it as a lot of the bloggers that I read use it daily. The Amazon reviews are also really insightful so I will try this after Baby Girl is born as I am not comfortable starting it while pregnant.

Now tell me, if you had $100 to spend on yourself from Amazon, what would you buy?

xo T





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