If I Had $100

Brian surprised me the other day with a $100 gift card for Amazon and strict instructions to spend it on myself and not on either kid or home stuff. Just me. How is that such a weird concept to wrap my head around? My first thought was immediately nursery stuff because #nesting, but with that option off the table what was I left with? What did I want? That’s a hard thing to ask a mom I think because we usually put everyone else first and then figure out ourselves after. (In full disclosure, I had just over $10 left on my gift card after buying my loot and it went towards nursery stuff #momguilt)

Also, me being me I had to research the crap out of everything that I bought beforehand so it took me a couple days to finally add everything to my cart. Without further adieu, here is what I bought with my $100 on Amazon:

  1. Super B-Complex: Post-partum is no joke and I want to be as prepared as possible and nourish my body as best as I can while it is going through such an intense transition.
  2. Calcium Magnesium + Vitamin D3: This I plan on taking while still pregnant just to help my body but it is also good afterwards as well.
  3. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing: This is a best seller on Amazon under beauty and it really intrigued me! To use it you have to mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar so I bought that with my $100 as well.
  4. Argan Oil Hair Mask: I have been wanting a hair mask for a long time but just have never been able to justify buying one. Really curious if I notice a difference as my hair is VERY low maintenance (ie: I wash it 2x per week) and I don’t do much with it
  5. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System: A lot of the bloggers that I read use a Clarisonic once or twice a week as part of their cleansing routine but they are pretty pricey and based on the reviews for the Olay version, there isn’t a huge difference between the two besides the cost. 4.5 stars with 219 reviews is pretty awesome so for $20 it’s worth a try!

So as you can see I decided to splurge on beauty and health stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. I was also going to include collagen but my mom ended up buying some for both of us to try. I am SUPER intrigued by collagen and the benefits, I spent a lot of time researching it as a lot of the bloggers that I read use it daily. The Amazon reviews are also really insightful so I will try this after Baby Girl is born as I am not comfortable starting it while pregnant.

Now tell me, if you had $100 to spend on yourself from Amazon, what would you buy?

xo T





Lessons in Potty Training

While many other (sane) people were enjoying their Labour Day Long Weekend, Brian and I decided that it was the perfect time to start potty training Jay. He has been asking about his underwear (“anywhere” as he calls them) and knows that his buddy Stella gets a whole jelly bean every time she goes on the potty so I have known for a while that it was all up to whenever I wanted to take the plunge. And we kind of dove in head first with promising results!

I have read a lot of blogger input about this topic and the consensus that I have been hearing is the 3 day no-pants method works the best for them to “get it”. So far he has only had 2 accidents. Both of which happened while he was eating and strapped to his booster seat. So I am thinking he didn’t know he was allowed to get out to pee? Or was too distracted by his mouth he stopped thinking about his other end. Anyway, here is what worked for us:

  • Wait until your child is interested in the potty/underwear/jelly bean rewards. Jay LOVES the idea of wearing underwear and at daycare would ask to go on the potty when Stella would, he just wouldn’t know what to do once he got there.
  • Get them excited! A couple days before we started I was talking up wearing underwear and going in the potty, etc.
  • Find what works for you. We quickly realized that Jay is all about convenience so a portable potty works best for us. We also find that the faster he can sit on it, the better as his warning signs don’t leave much time to take off layers (he is getting better at noticing the sensations beforehand though).
  • so. much. praise. One day he pooped the size of a chocolate chip but hey we celebrated like it was 1999 AND he got 2 jelly beans.
  • Check in every hour. This tip is what our dayhome does and it saved me a lot of stress constantly asking him “do you have to pee? are you sure? do you have to potty? what about now?” Keep asking but have that hour in your mind and whether he thinks he has to go or not he is sitting on it for a few minutes just in case.
  • How you say things can make all the difference. Not so much in the beginning of our potty adventure but more so now that he gets the routine and tries to manipulate the system. Most times I don’t get a reaction if I ask if he has to pee but if I ask him if he wants a jelly bean that usually gets the ball rolling and the underwear coming off. Also, every day he has a favourite colour of jellybean that he wants so if he isn’t responding to “do you want a jellybean?” then “Oh do you want a BLUE jelly bean??” I find just that small change makes a big difference some days.

Again, this is just our journey with one kid but hopefully this gives some insight for some parents who are getting ready to take the plunge!


Hello Again.

Oh haaiiiii this is a bit awkward, not going to lie. Two years of radio silence is a  bit embarrassing but you know having a kid and all that jazz. Well lets see here what has happened in two years to bring us to today?

Jason Dean was born! Huge part of my life right now (obvs). He just turned two and is such an awesome kid, I feel very lucky to have him as a son.


I have been back to work since last August, part-time 3 days a week. We have had a lot going on for work though so it feels like a full 5-day work week by the third day that’s for sure.

Biggest thing currently I think is being pregnant with #2!


I am 16 weeks right now (picture above was taken at 15 weeks because my one from this week was taken in my underwear and…yeah #internetneverforgets). I am measuring about 4 weeks ahead with this bump than when I was pregnant with Jay. Definitely showing a lot sooner this time around!

In super current (meaning so current it hasn’t even HAPPENED yet), we leave on vacation tomorrow!! squeeeeee!!


Jay and I are flying to Kelowna tomorrow for a wedding (Brian is driving out so all I have to bring is a carry on!?) on Saturday then going to Penticton, and end up in Invermere. SO we will be gone for a total of 9 days! It will be our first family vacation minus weekend trips since last summer when we went to Ontario. I think I am going to Snapchat (tawnylee2) and Social Media the shit out of our vacay because I have been getting SO jealous of everyone’s holidays and it’s finally my turn! Also for the memories….you know.

I can’t promise I will be all over this blog like a dirty shirt BUT I do miss it and will be checking in a lot more frequently than once every two years!

Chat soon!

The Thighmaster

Hello All!

I LOVE long weekends, however they definitely make it hard to get back into the rhythm of a regular work week after having 3 consecutive days of nothingness. I actually had a great weekend that included going out dancing for the first time in a long time. And it was one of those nights where there was no drama, everyone just had a great weekend. It was glorious. That was Saturday night and although I wasn’t feeling necessarily awful Brian and I had a very low key Sunday that included me marathon watching The Vampire Diaries while Brian laid in bed all day. We were both very content spending the day in the same house but not hanging out together and we did FaceTime from different rooms when we missed each other so it worked out well for us. The day before we had completely taken everything out of our storage room, gone through it all, vacuumed the storage room, made shelves, and then organized everything by category into sections. I was in type-A heaven and the 4 hours went by surprisingly fast!

My cousin booked a last minute flight to come visit us so Sunday night we had family dinner and played some hilarious rounds of Heads Up, our new family game obsession. Two things I learned from Sundays game:

– apparently ‘stop, drop and roll’ is not common knowledge in charades for extinguishing a fire. I thought it was pretty clever

– I tried to get my cousin to guess thigh master without any context whatsoever before I started demonstrating it. That got awkward real fast but she did however guess correctly so goes to show that we are related after all 😛

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogging world lately, things have just been quite busy with visiting family and leaving for Phoenix tomorrow. I tried packing for both my Whistler trip and Phoenix trip at once last night (you know one suitcase for cold weather and one suitcase for hot weather) but I got too overwhelmed and just focused on Phoenix. Brian and I are both packing super light in preparation for the amazing shopping that his parents have been telling us about so don’t judge me too harshly when all the photos from our trip show me in the same two outfits.

By the way, this is what a typical conversation looks like between my sister and I:



I will try to update you all while we are in Phoenix!

xo T

To Blog or Not to Blog…

Lately I have been obsessively trolling other blogs and it is almost scary. It has made me wonder if I am maybe doing it because a) I am a loser with nothing better to do b) want to be BFFs with some of these cool peeps and really need to invest time in actual friends or c) kinda sorta want to invest more time in my current blog and start having blog relationships instead of just an anonymous troll.

I also have an adorable fam jam that includes this awesome face:


And it could be an awesome way for out of town family members and friends to keep up to date on our shenanigans as a newly married couple.

To begin I am going to try to post 2-3 times per week and see how it goes from there. I am hoping that if I start with great content, the people will follow. Kind of like a Field of Dreams scenario you know 🙂