Freakin’ Weekend Pt 2

Yay it’s Friday! Is it too early to use this GIF yet again? I don’t care, I love it (anybody get the Icona Pop reference in there? No? Just me? Okay).


Also speaking of last Friday’s post, I found a GIF of Nick from New Girl doing his moonwalk out of awkward situations! You’re welcome.

moonwalk_nick  Doesn’t that just make your day? If not, picture my husband doing it and it is even better I promise.

In other news, my bump is out of control this week! It depends on the time of day and what I have been eating but usually by the time I go to bed I feel like I have a legit beer gut that I can’t suck in. I think it may be time to take out my belly button ring which will be like the end of an era in a way. Goodbye carefree youth! We had some good times and some not so good times but I will always cherish our memories…

**Side note: believe me I have tried to take a bump picture that does not look like I ate too many burritos but it is just not happening for me in my work bathroom (where most of my selfies are taken #classy). I will try to get Brian to take a photo of me this weekend so everyone can see what I am talking about. As of tomorrow I will be 19 weeks! Almost halfway there = mindblown

Since this is an already really random post, this old song came on my iPod at work yesterday and I immediately got shivers. Love throwback songs like that!

Tell me: what is your favourite throwback song? 

Any song from Classified’s Trial and Error CD and Goldigger by Kanye always bring back so many memories of high school for me.

Have a great weekend!

xo T

Sleep Talking & Miscommunication

One of the side effects of being pregnant is some pretty intense dreams. Sometimes I remember them in super vivid detail and other times I can only remember fragments but remember the feelings that went along with it (for better or for worse). Last night was no exception and in between my night time bathroom breaks, I guess I started sleep talking. I remember doing this like I was watching it happen but I was holding a fork and then all of a sudden I was still dreaming but searching frantically under Brian for this fork that I dropped.

Brian: “What are you doing?!”

Me: “anfopfnsnfif….fork”

Brian: “What?!”

Me: “I can’t find my fork!”

Then I pass out cold again. Funny thing though is that apparently Brian was having a dream about a mouse being in our bed. So me waking him up by searching for something right underneath him really freaked him out because he thought I knew there was a mouse in the bed and I was trying to catch it.

Thought you would all enjoy this little tidbit of dreaming miscommunication.


xo T

18 Weeks

Weeks: 18

Total Weight Gain: About 10 pounds.

My Body: Feeling good! Belly is starting to protrude out a lot further, especially after I eat and it is impossible for me to suck the bottom in anymore. Also in the last couple days my stomach has been SO ITCHY! I have read that this has to do with the skin stretching but man is it uncomfortable.

Maternity Clothes: Still just pants at the moment! I can’t wait for the weather to get hotter so I can wear dresses.

Cravings: I could really go for an ice cold beer right now. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water….

Sleep: It’s been hit or miss the last few nights. Lots of pee breaks and the occasional bowl of cheerios have been eaten in the wee hours.

Baby Items Bought/Received: My sister and mom surprised me with a moby wrap! I have been bitter ever since I got scammed on buying one on Kijiji (it ended up being homemade) so I have been grumpy about them ever since that but still wanted one. Such an awesome surprise.

Best Baby Moment: Lots of moment lately! It is getting more forceful every week. A few weeks ago it was more like flutters and now it is like a rolling muscle spasm.

Goals: The weather is no longer freeze-your-nose-off-cold, so I really want to get outside and walk around. I am going stir crazy being inside all of the time! Summer where are youuuuu!?

Worries: Nada. I am loving that everything is pretty zen.

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound next week! I don’t think I have ever been this excited/nervous for something before. Both Brian’s family as well as mine have the date in their calendars to remind them to call us after ha ha it is too cute 🙂


Nursery Post 1

This weekend went by way too fast and that is because I spent the majority of it in one room of the house. The nursery. Saturday I worked like a mad-woman finishing up the painting (about 5 hours total ugh) and by that evening Brian and I were able to put together the furniture and put it in the room!

photo 1(8)(I really should have taken these photos with my good camera. iPhone photos just aren’t really cutting it here.)


photo 4(6)


photo 3(8)


photo 2(8)

You can’t really tell from the photos but the walls are a light grey and the wall behind the crib is white. Eventually this white wall is going to be our feature wall once we know what sex Baby B is. Since Brian and I are pretty sure Baby B is a boy all of our ideas just keep focusing on a baseball-themed nursery with the white wall looking  kind of like this:



I want to be clear to when I say baseball-themed nursery I don’t mean tacky baseball nightlights and baseball dresser handles. Yuck. What I envision is more of a vintage baseball look with framed prints and small touches of baseball-ness. This is all just swirling in my head at the moment though so I don’t have any photos to share to get my point across. I am really happy with our progress so far though and am so glad that this room is no longer a hodgepodge room and actually has a (really exciting) purpose now.

xo T

Freakin’ Weekend

Hi Friends! Guess what?!


By the way how can anyone hate Schmidt!? That guy is hilarious and I was slightly obsessed with New Girl for about 2 weeks (how long it took me to go through all the episodes on Netflix) and it was awesome. Brian even started doing Nick’s moonwalk out of awkward situations because it cracks us both up-WATCH NEW GIRL if you don’t know what I am talking about.

I have figured out that I don’t really cook if Brian isn’t home. He has been away for work and all that I have made in the last two days is rice. For dinner one night I literally cut up some raw veggies, added some rice and put some mushroom soup on top #dontjudgeme. While on the topic of eating I actually have a bit of a bump going on! Enough that my coworker called me out on it, so not super noticeable but it’s there! It’s odd and goes against my whole upbringing when I look in the mirror now and I can’t suck it in but I can’t wait to get bigger! The movement is also a lot more noticeable now too especially at night. It feels like a muscle spasm but more forceful now compared to a couple weeks ago when I first started feeling them.

Last night I did some paint touch ups in the nursery and started painting the closet. My painting time limit is about 2 hours because 1) the smell starts to make my throat hurt 2) the brush that we bought is too heavy and makes me feel like I have arthritis and rigamortis after using it. But slow progress is at least progress right!? **Pictures to come soon 🙂

So I use to research books before I buy them now and it is also a good way to track what you have read and what you want to read. I rated all the books that I have read since I started my latest book binge and I have read 43 books. 43 books in about a month. I TOLD YOU I HAD A PROBLEM!



Hope you all have a great weekend!


xo T


Blame the Hormones Pt. 2

In the first Blame the Hormones post I talked about my current obsession with snoogles and lots and lots of books. In this installment I am going to once again blame the pregnancy hormones that are taking over my body by talking about my crushes. “But you’re married!” you may say to me. Well you know, pregnancy is a fickle thing in that it makes me fall even more in love with my husband everyday but at the same time momma enjoys her eye candy.

sorryIn full disclosure Brian knows all about these guys just like how I know about his infatuation with Tara Reid before she got all weird and had a botched tummy tuck.

Number one on my list is who Brian and I refer to as my boyfriend: Brett Lawrie is lucky numero uno. I honestly don’t have a good reason except I blame Brian for this crush because before him I didn’t know anything about baseball except that you can break bones when you fall sliding into a base (I learned this the hard way). And in some ways he kind of reminds me of Brian 🙂 Awwwww


Number two is going to be of no surprise to anyone who reads my blog often (Hi Mom!): Taylor Kitsch a.k.a Riggins from Friday Night Lights. C’mon now do I really need to explain this one at all?


**Side note: apparently I have a thing for jocks/guys in uniforms…

And finally, Charlie Hunnam a.k.a Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. He would have made an awesome Christian Grey that’s all I’m sayin’.


Now that I just brightened up everyone’s Wednesday I am going to continue to drool over these three photos that I just downloaded to my desktop! Enjoy!


Tell me: Who are you crushing on?

xo T

Sick Day

When I was younger the longest I would be sick would be 24 hours tops. Fast forward quite a few years and now I am going on 7 days being sick blah! My coworkers actually forced me to stay home on Friday so I had an extra long weekend (Monday was a holiday here in Canada) but they were right in the long run because now I am feeling a lot better. Being sick while pregnant is a bit of a hurdle too because I don’t want to put anything in my body that could potentially be harmful (ie: Nyquil-this may be fine for some but I just wasn’t comfortable taking it while preggo), so I was reduced to lots and lots of peppermint essential oils, a humidifier going 24/7, and an all natural eucalyptus nasal spray.

The difference between Brian and I while sick is I hate being coddled and hugged while Brian turns into the guy from the Nyquil commercial and just keeps interjecting “I’m sick” into every conversation or silence imaginable. I prefer to suck it up and deny anything is wrong until people stare at me funny for coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. I don’t know why I do this, but I prefer to suffer in delusional silence.

hulk Here ya go if you are not familiar with the Nyquil commercial I am talking about:

The good news about having a super long weekend is Brian and I finally made some progress on the nursery room! I had painted the baseboards last week and then this weekend we painted the walls. We are  doing the majority of the room a light grey colour and then there will be one feature wall that will be white and will depend on the gender what kind of feature we will do. So far we our only idea for this wall depends on if Baby B is a boy, so what does that tell ya? Our house is pretty cookie cutter and every single room in it is some variation of brown so I am pretty stoked to have at least one room that is different! We hope to have all of the painting done by the end of this weekend as we have to go through again and do touch ups and finish painting the inside of the closet which is still unfortunately brown. I will do a separate post on the nursery once we have more of it figured out, so far it is just ideas floating in my head so I need to make sure it will work in reality (again everything I have as an idea is based on a baby boy nursery…).

So how was your weekend?! How do you handle being sick?

xo T