Phoenix Recap

Other than a brief stop at the airport there last Christmas, I had never been to Phoenix before. Brian had been there years prior for baseball but hadn’t got a chance to really experience it at all. We were lucky enough to be invited down by Brian’s parents to stay at his Uncle’s vacation home in Mesa which is just outside of Phoenix. Since we live only an hour away from the Montana border, it worked out a lot cheaper for us to fly from Great Falls to Mesa leaving early Friday morning.

Ph1Our week was filled with sunshine, a NCAA football game, shopping, and lots of Vampire Diaries for me (hey I was on vacation!) BTW American Netflix is SO much better than Canadian. Just sayin’.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESThe football game was by far the highlight of our trip. We dragged Brian’s parents along so it was a first for all four of us. We started our evening out by having some appies at Buffalo Wild Wings (apparently this is a chain in the States) and we all loved the food and atmosphere of the place. It was just across the street from Sun Devil stadium so we paid for parking there (it was a lot cheaper than paying at the stadium) and walked over to check out the tailgaters. We all couldn’t believe how intense some people were about tailgating! Generators with 50 inch flat screens, BBQ, and lots of cornhole (bean bags).

Ph5(the marching band was phenomenal! Apparently they are in the top 5 in the States)

The energy of the crowd was the best part of the football game by far. It was incredible the amount of pride and excitement the crowd had for their team! We ended up leaving right after half time (I know I know lamesauce) but we had a really long drive to get back to the house. I would definitely go again though and would like to stay the full time and maybe hit some after parties afterwards just to get the full experience ;).

Ph2We did quite a bit of walking and shopping so Brenda and I treated ourselves to pedicures! For a full treatment it was only $30 so why not?! I thought my colour was very Christmas-y and helped to get me started in the holiday mood even though being in the desert and listening to Christmas music felt really weird to me.

Ph4I loved going for bike rides, drinking my morning coffee outside by the pool, and relaxing with amazing people and good food. Unfortunately on our last day there as we were driving back from a shopping day, Brenda and Garry’s rental car overheated and we were left on the side of a random desert road while the sun was going down. It was a scene from a horror movie I tell ya, but the rental company was nice enough to send us a cab and a tow truck. Thankfully they arrived in the nick of time because prior to the car problems I had downed a bottle of water and a medium Jamba Juice and there is no polite way to squat in the middle of the desert in front of your in-laws.

PH3Brian and I arrived home in the late afternoon and could not be happier to see our puppy (she had a hard time while we were away and kept injuring herself). However I couldn’t relax for too long though because I had to start packing for Whistler the next day.

xo T


I’ve Missed You

Oh blogging how I have missed you! Today marks my first day back at work after a crazy 2 weeks full of flying, sunbathing, working, and girl time all in that order. Don’t you worry I will fill you in on everything that has happened in the past 2 weeks but give me a little time to get my groove back mmkay?



I had to add in the GIF of Zach Morris because c’mon who doesn’t love a little Zach Morris on a slow Thursday afternoon? If you don’t it might be friends off for us, sorry to say.

I think my lack of sleep is playing tricks on me and therefore this post is going to be entirely random but tomorrow I will start the recaps and everything will be alright in the world πŸ™‚ In the meantime I will say that my trips were really great! Phoenix was full of sunshine and nothing beats texting poolside photos to your sister while she is in -29 with windchill. HA! She would do the same thing to me though so don’t feel too bad for her. After Phoenix I went to Whistler for a work trip and was lucky enough to be able to bring my sister and Christina drove from the Coast to meet up with us for a couple days so it turned into a fun girls trip to Whistler with a dash of work thrown in there. Whistler turned into a food fest, it felt like we were constantly eating but it was awesome. We tried to eat at a different place for every meal and we ended up only having one overlap because it was a really funky crepe place that played a lot of Shaggy. I mean crepes and Shaggy? How can you possibly just go there once?!

Tomorrow I will put up the recap of Phoenix. I just wanted to pop in and say hello in my overtired-talkative state and let you know that I didn’t forget about you. I am just a zombie today who is trying to get caught up on everything that has happened in the past 2 weeks.



xo T

The Thighmaster

Hello All!

I LOVE long weekends, however they definitely make it hard to get back into the rhythm of a regular work week after having 3 consecutive days of nothingness. I actually had a great weekend that included going out dancing for the first time in a long time. And it was one of those nights where there was no drama, everyone just had a great weekend. It was glorious. That was Saturday night and although I wasn’t feeling necessarily awful Brian and I had a very low key Sunday that included me marathon watching The Vampire Diaries while Brian laid in bed all day. We were both very content spending the day in the same house but not hanging out together and we did FaceTime from different rooms when we missed each other so it worked out well for us. The day before we had completely taken everything out of our storage room, gone through it all, vacuumed the storage room, made shelves, and then organized everything by category into sections. I was in type-A heaven and the 4 hours went by surprisingly fast!

My cousin booked a last minute flight to come visit us so Sunday night we had family dinner and played some hilarious rounds of Heads Up, our new family game obsession. Two things I learned from Sundays game:

– apparently ‘stop, drop and roll’ is not common knowledge in charades for extinguishing a fire. I thought it was pretty clever

– I tried to get my cousin to guess thigh master without any context whatsoever before I started demonstrating it. That got awkward real fast but she did however guess correctly so goes to show that we are related after all πŸ˜›

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogging world lately, things have just been quite busy with visiting family and leaving for Phoenix tomorrow. I tried packing for both my Whistler trip and Phoenix trip at once last night (you know one suitcase for cold weather and one suitcase for hot weather) but I got too overwhelmed and just focused on Phoenix. Brian and I are both packing super light in preparation for the amazing shopping that his parents have been telling us about so don’t judge me too harshly when all the photos from our trip show me in the same two outfits.

By the way, this is what a typical conversation looks like between my sister and I:



I will try to update you all while we are in Phoenix!

xo T

Coffee Date

I love coffee. The smell, the flavour, the nostalgia it creates when you smell it first thing in the morning…ahhh. So since it is Friday and it is a long weekend, lets have a coffee date and have a chat. Grab your coffee and let’s begin (really any beverage will work, it is Friday after all so why not grab some wine or a cocktail? #yolo Since I am at work I will just stick with coffee though ;))



So what has been going on with me lately? Well since get back on the workout wagon my legs are now screaming at me today. It’ll get better though I know it is just because they got lazy. I still haven’t decided if I am going to push for a run tonight or not as I ended up running a 5 km last night. I may do some strength and make use of our makeshift weight room in our basement and give my knees a break.



My parents are hosting a family dinner this Sunday so I get to make pumpkin pie again! Yay! I just hope it turns out as well as last time and that it wasn’t just beginners luck.

This face makes me smile every single day.



I am really happy that this weekend is a long one because Brian and I have a lot to do around the house. We both really want to organize our storage room because it makes us both angry every time we have to get something out of it. And in the past this is where the mice would make their homes in the winter so we want to make it as inhospitable as possible for them. Speaking of mice, my car got an oil change this week and apparently I had mice living in my air filter as it was filled with mouse poop. I am just glad they didn’t chew through the wires or anything :/

Brian and I leave for Phoenix next Friday morning so we will probably be leaving late Thursday night as we are flying out of the States and there are too many variables if we wait until Friday morning to drive 3 hours and go through the border. With that in mind, next week is only a three day work week! Pretty excited! But being away all last weekend has made it clear that we need to start meal planning for during the week. We were scrambling to have enough for lunches this week and ended up eating out a couple times because we didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. In order to save money I think I will start meal planning on Sundays for the week so that I have an idea what to take out and what days I need to compensate with lunches. It’ll work out better for our budget I think. So do you have any tips on meal planning for me? Maybe I will turn it into a weekly post and we can all share meal ideas for the upcoming week πŸ™‚

And I am still obsessed with the Vampire Diaries. It really is good! Give it a couple episodes before you judge me too harshly.



Also, my sister just sent me this link and it definitely made my morning:Β

So what is up with you? What beverage did you end up grabbing? In my mind this was a Starbucks date but I will take other suggestions too πŸ˜›

xo T

Back On The Wagon

So after a brief hiatus, I am back on the workout wagon. Tuesday night I ran 4 miles and then walked another mile while talking to my mom on the phone (she is the only one I could call that wouldn’t mind me huffing and puffing on the phone ;)) I am not sure if I need new shoes, or it has just been too long, but my hips were ridiculously tight after this run so I made sure to do some extra stretches to alleviate some of the tightness. Usually after I run I do a couple sun salutations to regulate my breathing and then flow into some crescent lunges, downward dog splits, and whatever feels like it needs to be stretched after that. My hamstrings get pretty tight as well so I make sure to properly stretch them out afterwards (downward dog feels like heaven on my hamstrings after a long run). Since my hips were so tight I spent quite a bit of time in pigeon pose.


Last night I was craving some deep stretching so I did my current favourite yoga video.

This video is amazing when you are craving a full body workout full of deep stretching. Both times I have done it I have had such a yoga high and come out of my yoga room smiling like a goober :P. Tonight I plan on running an easy 5 km so I am putting this up here for you all to make me accountable so I will follow through. Please help! Brian and I have been PVRing America’s Most Wanted so most nights we watch that and eat chips instead of working out ha ha #fitnessfail

In other news I am IN LOVE with my new shirts that I ordered online. I have worn the white one two days in a row but with different accessories so I don’t think anyone really notices? If they do they haven’t said anything so I am fine with it πŸ˜›

Hope you all have a great day!

xo T


Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hello all! I am sorry for my brief hiatus from the blog, things just got a bit cray over the weekend then add in daylight savings time and that equals one moody Tawny. But today is special because it is Treat Yourself Tuesday which is hosted by Becky over at Olives ‘n Wine. The weekly link up is all about treating yourself (however big or small) and that is why I love linking up to it πŸ˜‰



How have I treated myself lately? Well I have not worked out AT ALL since my long run last Sunday. I am not sure why but each day something came up to eat into my workout time. And then we traveled to Edmonton Thursday after work and didn’t get home until Sunday evening due to ridiculously bad roads that almost doubled our travel time. I brought my workout gear to the in-laws but that never happened. A lot of pizza and cake happened though to celebrate my father in-law’s retirement so I don’t feel bad because it was for a good cause πŸ˜›

This week off from working out is not the only way I have been treating myself however. I recently had 4 inches of my hair cut off and it feels A LOT better. It is still pretty long but the ends are not straw-like anymore which is always nice.



I also treated myself and had my very first online shopping experience! Say what you ask? Don’t get me wrong I have bought stuff online before (especially from Etsy) but I have never bought clothes for myself online before. I have looked a lot, but never took the plunge. And wouldn’t you know it I bought two of the same shirt just in different colours. Pretty boring I know but I had to start somewhere. Baby steps!Β I have a shirt similar to this and I wear it all the time so I know they will get a lot of use (if they fit right that is).

Capture Capture1


I am also treating myself to a week-long trip to Phoenix this month where we will be tailgating for my very first time! American friends: if you have any pointers on this they would be very much appreciated! We are going to the Arizona State vs Oregon State game and apparently their rivalry makes for a pretty good game. Hockey is Canada’s favourite past time but it is usually too cold to do anything crazy for it. The closest we have gotten is going to see a Heritage Classic game a couple years ago where I wore thermal leggings under snow pants, two hoodies, a winter jacket and a toque and still froze (the entire game was outside). We then went out to the bar afterwards in our outfits which was pretty hilarious.


Right after the Phoenix trip I leave for Whistler for a work conference however I somehow managed to talk my sister and my friend into tagging along with me so it is a work trip/girls get away so I am so excited for it!

So tell me: how have you been treating yourself lately?

xo T