Fall Goals

New seasons always are a time for new beginnings, introspection, and of course cleaning up your wardrobe. I think right about now is a good time to come up with some goals for the new season.

I have a lot of goals! They just change daily because I forget them or come up with new ones. I am going to try to write down my goals on a monthly basis and see if they change from now on. Therefore, first goal of course is:

1. Be accountable for my goals. Meaning don’t forget them 🙂

2. Try to focus more on the positives than the negatives. This one I am really struggling with especially in regards to personality traits of some of my coworkers. My mom gave me ‘positivity spray’ that has essential oils in it to help clear my office of negativity. It could do nothing, but I spray it daily just in case.



3. My friend gave me a 2 week trial for online yoga classes and one video specifically works on getting into Firefly Pose. I now want to master this pose.




4. After running 7.5 miles on the weekend in 1 hour 20 minutes, and having a 5 km race coming up with weekend I really want to improve my running time. Right now I manage a 11 minute mile comfortably but would love to push myself to be faster. I heard that cross training can really help with this, especially if you are strengthening your legs. Any advice on becoming speedier? I am still a newbie 🙂

5. Practice self love. It’s easy to see a bad photo of yourself or see a number on the scale and it then throws your whole day off. I don’t really give myself credit for how far I have come and how strong I am now. Sure I was quite skinny back in the day, but I was also not eating anything and not exercising. I would 100x rather eat constantly throughout the day and sweat from a good hard workout than get winded climbing stairs but somehow still have a thigh gap.

By the way I found this today:


I think that pretty much sums up why I love this season so much.

Do you have goals for yourself? How often do you change them up?