6 Months

Oh hey there belly, I almost didn’t see you poking out…

25 weeks

Is it just me or did I all of a sudden sprout a pointy tummy? For comparison sake here is a side-by-side of 22 weeks versus 25 weeks.

6 monthsRight?! It also depends on what I am wearing, but still there ain’t no denying that there is a baby in there. (btw I just realized that I tend to wear this scarf quite a bit…)

In other Baby B news, Brian (finally) felt him kick! He kicks like crazy and Brian has been able to see it (like for realz my stomach moves) but anytime his hand is on there, nothing happens haha. But last night it finally happened and it solicited this reaction from Brian:


I’m kidding but it was still exciting 🙂 He actually had his head on my stomach so he felt as well as heard the movements which was pretty cool.

We also met with our new OB this week and I already feel a lot more comfortable with her compared to my previous doctor so it went really well. Funny story though: a resident did the doppler to hear the heartbeat and almost as soon as she put it on my stomach he karate kicked the mic and swam away! I have a feeling we have a little handful coming our way pretty soon. This most definitely does not stem from his parent’s nicknames being Tawnster Monster and B the T (Brian the Terrible) growing up…

xo T


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