Hard Times

So last week was one of the hardest times that Brian and I have had….ever. For a few days we were not sure how we were going to manage financially in the next month or if Brian would even have a job. It was very difficult and hormonal pregnant tears were shed because of all of the uncertainty. Add on top of that that our fur baby Mika was not doing well at all. To the point of not being able to walk unassisted, peeing all over the house uncontrollably, and not being able to sleep through the night without crying. Last week I was at the Vet’s office twice and each time was not good news. We actually had an emergency appointment on Saturday (why does this kind of stuff always happen on long weekends?!) where we thought we were going to have to say goodbye to her. Among other things, the biggest thing that we found out is that Mika is diabetic and now has to receive insulin shots twice a day. She can now walk for short periods of time with help from a towel around her hips and if you go slow (she has a limp on her right front shoulder as well), but believe it or not this is huge progress compared to just a few days ago when it would take both Brian and I to help her go to the bathroom.

I understand that she is almost 14 but Brian and I wanted to be positive that we did absolutely everything we could for her before we took that final step. So far this is paying off and her body is recovering from all the craziness that it was going through last week. As most dog owners can relate, Mika is like our child and a goodbye is never going to be easy. The best we can do is make sure that she continues to have a good quality of life, which she still has.


So needless to say last week was a bit of a write-off for housework, socializing, reading(!!), and blogging. Now that everything is (finally) starting to look up for us I feel a lot better. It was one of those things where you know there is a reason everything is happening at once but it is so stressful you don’t realize why you had to go through what you did until later. Brian and I had to have a lot of hard conversations about both situations and had to really support each other when we both needed it. If anything last week made me extremely grateful for Brian and the relationship that we share.

This was a pretty heavy post, so how about I share with you something that made me LOL (very unattractively I might add) at work:


You’re welcome.


xo T

3 thoughts on “Hard Times

  1. I just had to go through the whole pet thing when I put my cat down 2 months ago =( It really is the most gut-wrenching thing to do.
    And also on the lighter note, what an amazing .gif! Love it.

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