Coffee Date

I love coffee. The smell, the flavour, the nostalgia it creates when you smell it first thing in the morning…ahhh. So since it is Friday and it is a long weekend, lets have a coffee date and have a chat. Grab your coffee and let’s begin (really any beverage will work, it is Friday after all so why not grab some wine or a cocktail? #yolo Since I am at work I will just stick with coffee though ;))



So what has been going on with me lately? Well since get back on the workout wagon my legs are now screaming at me today. It’ll get better though I know it is just because they got lazy. I still haven’t decided if I am going to push for a run tonight or not as I ended up running a 5 km last night. I may do some strength and make use of our makeshift weight room in our basement and give my knees a break.



My parents are hosting a family dinner this Sunday so I get to make pumpkin pie again! Yay! I just hope it turns out as well as last time and that it wasn’t just beginners luck.

This face makes me smile every single day.



I am really happy that this weekend is a long one because Brian and I have a lot to do around the house. We both really want to organize our storage room because it makes us both angry every time we have to get something out of it. And in the past this is where the mice would make their homes in the winter so we want to make it as inhospitable as possible for them. Speaking of mice, my car got an oil change this week and apparently I had mice living in my air filter as it was filled with mouse poop. I am just glad they didn’t chew through the wires or anything :/

Brian and I leave for Phoenix next Friday morning so we will probably be leaving late Thursday night as we are flying out of the States and there are too many variables if we wait until Friday morning to drive 3 hours and go through the border. With that in mind, next week is only a three day work week! Pretty excited! But being away all last weekend has made it clear that we need to start meal planning for during the week. We were scrambling to have enough for lunches this week and ended up eating out a couple times because we didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. In order to save money I think I will start meal planning on Sundays for the week so that I have an idea what to take out and what days I need to compensate with lunches. It’ll work out better for our budget I think. So do you have any tips on meal planning for me? Maybe I will turn it into a weekly post and we can all share meal ideas for the upcoming week 🙂

And I am still obsessed with the Vampire Diaries. It really is good! Give it a couple episodes before you judge me too harshly.



Also, my sister just sent me this link and it definitely made my morning:

So what is up with you? What beverage did you end up grabbing? In my mind this was a Starbucks date but I will take other suggestions too 😛

xo T

Weekend Recap

Well folks another Monday is upon us. This is the first Monday in a very long time (minus a long weekend) where I feel refreshed and well-rested. I know right HOW did that happen? Well my body is so used to going to bed at around 9 or 10 on the weekdays, it is impossible to stay up late on weekends. That is the unfortunate secret. I am pretty cool like that.


After making my weekly batch of wings for the boys on Sunday, my mom and I decided to go to a matinee and see Don Jon. You know the movie that Joseph Gordon Levitt wrote, directed and starred in with Scarlett Johansson? A little forewarning, maybe don’t go see this with your mom as the majority of the movie is either him masturbating to online porn or him having sex. My mom and I are kind of weird in that this was not awkward for us, but I could see it being a bit of a problem if we weren’t as close as we are.


In all, I LOVED Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlett Johansson in this movie. Their ‘Jersey Shore’ acting was spot on, the walk, the talk, the accent, everything was so well done. You know the accent…


Without giving any spoilers, I was surprised how much the movie dealt with addiction. It was interesting too to see the Jon character transform and grow as he realizes that his addiction to porn stems from how unfulfilled his is emotionally in his relationships. Pretty deep for a Monday morning eh?

Weekend Workouts

Since I took last Wednesday and Thursday off as rest days last week I was active all weekend.

Friday – My favourite Yoga video.

Saturday – 4 mile run

Sunday – 3 km walk with dogs, 10 km run, ab circuit

I have been documenting my workouts in my phone calendar which syncs with my email so I can track exactly what I did for each week in workouts. It has really helped me realize how much I am actually doing for fitness and mentally giving myself the okay to take one or two rest days as needed.

So how was your weekend?

Did you see Don Jon? What did you think of it? 

Hope you have a great Monday!

xo T

Orange Is The New Black

Happy Friday!

This week flew by but I am so happy the weekend is here! I am pretty tired today because I made the mistake of watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix last night and I couldn’t stop watching! Have you seen it yet? It definitely is not for everyone due to the amount of nudity, profanity, and girl on girl action. If you have never heard of it, basically it is about a woman who has to go to jail for a year because she smuggled drug money for her lesbian lover 10 years ago. She is now engaged to a man and is a successful entrepreneur but turned herself in for her crime after her ex-lover ratted her out. There really is no spoiler alert for any of this, you learn all of it within the first 30 minutes via flashbacks.

Each character in jail also has their own story that is told through flashbacks and ties into why they behave like they are in jail. Like I said it is pretty raunchy, but the story so far is really good and there is enough humour in it that it doesn’t feel heavy or make you super anxious (I would get really anxious whenever I watched Sons of Anarchy. Just how they write the episodes and the fact that I love me some Jax Teller. SO GLAD he is Christian Grey). Anyway I would recommend this series to anyone who is not easily offended and needs a new TV series obsession 🙂




In other news my 5 km race for Special Olympics is tomorrow. I am nervous/excited/scared but mostly just anxious to do it. I am fine running 5 km but it is a bit more stressful because

a) I am running with Brian. He is super fast and makes is look so easy #shakesfist

b) I have never run in a crowd of people before although I have heard this makes it easier

c) This is really vain but I get super sweaty and red when I run. I don’t want to be the tomato at the end that everyone feels sorry for.

I probably should update my iPod tonight too so that I have some good tunes to motivate me. The majority of my playlist is the same as it was 2 years ago when I first started running but some songs are old faithfuls and help with different things. A couple of my favourites are:

1) Sabotage – Beastie Boys. SO good for doing sprints and getting amped up. The song composition is really good for going super fast then slowing down a bit, then repeat.

2) Move, Shake, Drop – DJ Laz Ft. Pitbull. Really good for maintaining a constant fast pace as they keep the energy up throughout the song.

3) Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G. Awesome recovery song for when you need to catch your breath and keep a slower pace.

4) Dance (Ass) Remix – Big Sean Ft. Nicki Minaj. This song makes your booty pop while your running.

5) Give Me Everything – Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer. This song really pumps me up especially when Pitbull screams ha ha

Do you have a favourite song that helps you get your rhythm back during a run? Have any tips for a race newbie?!


xo T

Lil Kate

I am officially walking like a cowboy cowgirl. I did a workout last night called Lil Kate that Meg posted earlier this week and it was the kick in the ass that I needed!


There was a storm just south of us so it was super muggy in my non-air conditioned house so I was sweating like a beast! This is defintely a great workout if you have been slacking and need a kick in the pants. I ran most of the sprints at a 6.3 (my 5 km pace is comfortably at a 5.5) but by the end I was pumping up the speed just so it would be done faster. I definitely needed to talk myself into not wussing out on the burpees as they are my least favourite thing ever but I completed the entire circuit twice through and did a little happy dance.


I have been pretty good with my workouts this week! However I did overindulge in some of my mom’s homemade blackberry rhubarb pie to the point where pants had to be unbuttoned. It was totally worth it though.

Monday: This run

Tuesday: “Sweat your turtle off!” Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Lil Kate

And tonight I am planning on doing a good yoga session to release some of the tight muscles Lil Kate caused. Brian and I don’t have too much planned this long weekend. I really need to do some housework though ugh.


Do you have any big plans for the long weekend?

Do you have a workout that can kick your bum when you need it?