22 Weeks

Weeks: 22

Total Weight Gain: Not sure but I think around 15 pounds

My Body: Feeling good! I really need to make fitness more of a priority though. This week has been good for walks with Mika, but last night I did a “pregnant woman circuit” that included squats, lunges, planks, and push ups and it was shocking how much muscle I have lost. So doing more strength exercises is my goal going forward.

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively. Still a few items still hanging by a thread.

Cravings: Nothing really. I am just hungry all. the. time.

Sleep: The usual weird dreams and pee breaks but other than that can’t complain. Baby B really likes to kick me in the morning though when I have just shut off my alarm and am laying there. All of a sudden he will just start kicking away.

Baby Items Bought/Received: My aden + anais items that my mom bought me arrived yesterday! I got a change pad cover, a blanket, and 4 swaddle blankets. This brand is not cheap but the word on the mommy blogs is that they are the best so I really wanted to try them. The flying dog on the blanket just kills me! So adorable. My step mom also bought me a diaper bag so I am excited to see it when it comes in the mail!

PicMonkey CollageI also registered for my baby shower with Toys R Us this week. I think I have everything covered, although I am disappointed that they don’t let you register for clothing items online 😦 So I hope people who come to the shower bring outfits anyway!

Best Baby Moment: Seeing and feeling him move at the same time. It is so surreal. I also had a bit of a blonde moment yesterday when it finally dawned on me why the movements were so low on my stomach; it is because it is his feet! For some strange reason I was visualizing him laying down across my stomach (maybe because that is how the ultrasound photos come?) and it blew my mind to realize that he is curled up vertically with his feet at the bottom.


Goals: Working on strength exercises so I’m not a lost cause trying to lose all my baby weight.

Worries: None!

Looking Forward To: Our babymoon this weekend! A babymoon is one last getaway just the two of us before the baby comes 🙂 We are going down to Whitefish, Montana and staying at a friends timeshare there. It is free accommodations for us (yay!) but we have to sit through a sales pitch (boo!). We don’t have a lot planned for it, just to hang out and get some shopping done for the nursery and maternity clothes for me.  But I am looking forward to no cell phones or distractions for a few days and just reconnecting with my husband.

22 Weeks_crop


xo T


21 Weeks

Weeks: 21

Total Weight Gain: About 12 pounds

My Body: Feeling…soft. My belly just keeps trucking along and it feels like it has doubled in size over night. It is now pretty noticeable although still kind of on the lines of “chubby” if a stranger saw me walking down the street. Changes have definitely been happening in other places too but I won’t go into detail about that on here. (you’re welcome.)

Maternity Clothes: I am currently doing a mix and match of my regular clothes with maternity clothes. I can still wear my regular pants and do the hair tie trick (like I am today) but I just noticed that the zipper will not go up as high anymore and my shirt isn’t quite long enough….whoops. Any pants that sit anywhere near my bellybutton are super uncomfortable now too. They either have to be on my hip bones or my full panel maternity pants. Anything in between is awful and Baby B squirms around non-stop. Maternity shirts are slowly starting to work now too as they are long. My regular shirts are slowly starting to creep up as the day goes on so I either have to wear a cami underneath or just wear a maternity shirt.

Cravings: I am craving something sweet at night after dinner a lot lately. I bought mint chocolate chip ice cream on the weekend and that has been treating me so right.

On the topic of food though, since becoming pregnant I really don’t get hunger pains anymore. I go from not really hungry to feed me I am growing to throw up in a matter of seconds. Lately since the baby is a lot bigger it feels like everything I have goes straight to the baby and then my body is left with the leftovers. I had a scary moment last week when he was going through a growth spurt I think and was eating like I normally would but apparently that wasn’t enough and I was pretty close to passing out. I had the cold sweats, my heart was racing and saw stars. Since then I have brought a lot more “just in case” snacks with me to work so I can grab something quick. I have had to quickly get over my food hangups and just eat when my body tells me I need to eat without second guessing myself. For most dinners I am eating the same if not more than Brian and last week I ended up having to eat a second dinner a couple hours later because I was hungry again. I figure as long as I am eating nutrient-rich food there is nothing to be ashamed about feeding my baby (For full disclosure I did break down last week and had McDonalds for dinner but sometimes you just gotta do it and it isn’t a regularly occurring thing). To show you what I mean this is what I brought to work to eat today:

– 1 apple

– 1 orange

– 2 hard boiled eggs

– 1 fruit & nut trail mix bar

– 2 quinoa cookies

– 1 chicken sandwich with avocado, cucumber, lettuce, harvarti, and sriracha on ancient grain bread

I start my day off with a bowl of vector cereal with almond milk, have my snacks and lunch while at work, and then dinner last night was lemon-dill tilapia with couscous and kale (I had two pieces of fish). Then of course my ice cream landed in there later on and a couple of Brian’s jalapeno chips. But overall I am happy with what I have been eating and feeling lucky that I don’t have any crazy aversions anymore at this point.

Sleep: Pretty good considering the weird dreams and the pee breaks. I have switched my snoogle out the last couple of nights in favour of just a pillow between my knees. Sometimes you just need some cuddle time with the husband!

Baby Items Bought/Received: Brian cracked and bought some baby clothes on the weekend. We were in Winners and he went straight to the baby aisle and started looking around and ended up finding some adorable baseball-themed outfits and teeny-tiny socks. I took a picture but I promised I wouldn’t post it because he got all embarrassed but it was so adorable how excited he got 🙂

Best Baby Moment: I felt him move from the outside! The movement has been getting stronger and stronger so it was only a matter of time but it was a shock nonetheless. I was reading my iPad with my arm over my stomach and I felt the movement from the inside and the outside at the same time, it was crazy! I felt it again last night and put Brian’s hand on my stomach so that he could feel too and all movement just stopped ha ha.

Goals: Cleaning my house. That counts right? I think it is a side effect of nesting where I look around the house and all I see is stuff I need to clean or get rid of before the baby comes.

Worries: None…other than cleaning my house.

Looking Forward To: Going on our babymoon in two weeks! Also our first appointment with our new doctor.


xo T


18 Weeks

Weeks: 18

Total Weight Gain: About 10 pounds.

My Body: Feeling good! Belly is starting to protrude out a lot further, especially after I eat and it is impossible for me to suck the bottom in anymore. Also in the last couple days my stomach has been SO ITCHY! I have read that this has to do with the skin stretching but man is it uncomfortable.

Maternity Clothes: Still just pants at the moment! I can’t wait for the weather to get hotter so I can wear dresses.

Cravings: I could really go for an ice cold beer right now. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water….

Sleep: It’s been hit or miss the last few nights. Lots of pee breaks and the occasional bowl of cheerios have been eaten in the wee hours.

Baby Items Bought/Received: My sister and mom surprised me with a moby wrap! I have been bitter ever since I got scammed on buying one on Kijiji (it ended up being homemade) so I have been grumpy about them ever since that but still wanted one. Such an awesome surprise.

Best Baby Moment: Lots of moment lately! It is getting more forceful every week. A few weeks ago it was more like flutters and now it is like a rolling muscle spasm.

Goals: The weather is no longer freeze-your-nose-off-cold, so I really want to get outside and walk around. I am going stir crazy being inside all of the time! Summer where are youuuuu!?

Worries: Nada. I am loving that everything is pretty zen.

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound next week! I don’t think I have ever been this excited/nervous for something before. Both Brian’s family as well as mine have the date in their calendars to remind them to call us after ha ha it is too cute 🙂


16 Weeks

So today started out great! Felt great, looked great, everything was great. Then I got to work and haven’t been able to keep food down since. Goodbye cheerios 😦 Then to top it all off the twinge of a cold that I felt coming on last night reared it’s ugly head and has now manifested as nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing, the works. AWESOME. Okay I will stop being a Debbie Downer now I just needed to get that off my chest.

On a happier note, last night was pretty cool. Our baby stuff from Costco got delivered that we ordered a couple of weeks ago! We also had a mystery box waiting at our front door when we got home that was massive but we had no idea where it came from. Brian and I then spent over 3 hours opening boxes and assembling various baby gadgets. Who knew that a high chair needed that many pulleys and secret lock/unlock buttons?! We sure didn’t. There was a moment of panic too when we were missing the drink tray for the stroller that the car seat needs to latch onto (ie: VERY important piece) and we could not find it anywhere. Brian looked online and since we order it from Costco, there was a chance that we may have to return the entire order. In it’s original packaging….

Needless to see we were kind of freaking out because the stroller was the last thing that we assembled and the thought of disassembling EVERYTHING and putting it back into their respective boxes was something my brain could not handle at that moment. Lo and behold though this morning Brian randomly spotted something underneath the couch and it was our missing drink tray! Hallelujah!

The mystery box was the biggest and heaviest box and was tucked in the corner behind and beneath the rest of the boxes so we did not get to it until all the other boxes were gone. It was a glider! Exactly the one that I wanted and I just knew it was from my Dad and step-mom (I texted to make sure the credit went to the right people just in case). So exciting about all of our awesome baby gear, now all we are missing is a little baby to put in it!

Today you can see a bit more than bloating so I will share my first blog bump photo taken in the bathroom at work:


Weeks: 16

Total Weight Gain: About 10 pounds.

My Body: Have been feeling great minus today where I feel like death. My back has been quite sore recently too but I think painting the baseboards did quite a number on me as well as assembling all the baby stuff last night.

Maternity Clothes: Just some pants right now. Shirts are still too big/fit funny.

Cravings: Nothing really…my appetite is finally toned down and is back to normal (read: I am not eating like a starving trucker anymore yay!)

Sleep: Awesome with my snoogle! Except last night because I was so congested.

Baby Items Bought/Received: Our Costco set, and a glider for the nursery. I also tackled repainting the baseboards in the nursery but am waiting on Brian to finish mudding so that we can put some paint on the walls.

Best Baby Moment: This might get a bit too hippy for some people but it is a pretty cool story. Every once in a while a family friend of ours does a card reading for me (ALWAYS positive stuff none of those decks that have a death card in them or anything; these readings focus on where you are at now and gives messages from your guides). Long story short when I was picking my cards to do the reading I was feeling flutters like crazy. Turns out baby pushed out enough energy to have his own reading with his own cards that were very separate from mine (mine had a very clear and distinct message). That was a really special experience.

Goals: Need to exercise! Ah! This is not working at all. Although it is my birthday week so I think I get kind of a pass for that?

Worries: I really want to change doctors. I am a bit of a chicken and am afraid of hurting my doctors feelings though asking for a referral (the OB/GYN that I want only accepts referrals). Stupid I know and I will eventually do it I am just pushing it off.

Looking Forward To: Changing doctors. Going back home to my snoogle after work.

15 Weeks

Weeks: 15

Total Weight Gain: I am not sure. I only get weighed at my doctors appointments and I forgot to look down last time :/

My Body: I feel normal! I don’t look pregnant or feel pregnant really except for certain times of day. It’s a bit trippy to forget and then suddenly remember.

Maternity Clothes: Just pants right now. Shirts are still too big/fit funny.

Cravings: Hot sauce (sriracha or Franks Red), hard boiled eggs, apples, popsicles, and ribs. The closest I have gotten to ribs this week was a beef dip and it didn’t satisfy my craving 😦

Sleep: Sleeping good except for really vivid dreams, waking up to pee in the middle of the night, and losing feeling in my left side because I force myself to sleep on that side.

Baby Items Bought/Received: We bought this set from Costco and it comes with all the big stuff we need for a really good price. Both of our parents helped buy this for us so we feel extremely spoiled. Brian’s parents are also bringing down the nursery furniture that Brian’s brother gave us this weekend as well so everything is coming together really fast! We also picked a paint colour for the nursery last weekend that is a very light grey so will work with lots of colours whether Baby B is a boy or a girl.


Best Baby Moment: Feeling lots of flutters everyday :)

Goals: I need to get back into my walking routine. I sit all day at work so I really need to focus and exercise when I get home. <– this hasn’t changed from last week. I cannot wait until it is nice outside (read: NOT -30) so that I can walk outside again.

Worries: Brian made me a sandwich for lunch today that has (nitrate free) sandwich meat on it and now I am all paranoid. I’m sure it will be fine but you never know!

Looking Forward To: Our next doctors appointment on my birthday :) Hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat again!

14 Weeks Pregnant

I love reading other women’s weekly pregnancy updates and now it is even better when I am at the same stage and can compare my symptoms to others and see how they differ (I sound like a huge creeper I know…). So I thought I would start documenting the weekly progressions and later on it will be fun to look back and remember everything. Also, this is for the other creepers like me 😛

Weeks: 14 (Right now I am 14 weeks and 5 days but lets just say 14 for the sake of this post.)

Total Weight Gain: I am not sure. I only get weighed at my doctors appointments and I forgot to look down last time :/

My Body: Feeling good! So much better than a few weeks ago. My legs get really restless sometimes but they have always been like that if I am over tired. I am also feeling lots of small movements and can usually tell where the little lemon is laying. There is definitely a pattern starting to emerge 🙂

Maternity Clothes: I haven’t worn any maternity shirts yet but I am wearing one pair of grey leggings/dress pants and skinny maternity jeans quite often. Other than that all my clothes still fit with the minor tweaking for some of them. Ie: the hair tie trick on some pants that fit fine everywhere else, and some shirts getting to be a bit too tight across my chest.

Cravings: I have never done this pre-pregnancy but I love Franks Hot Sauce on my scrambled eggs now. So good! Also the last couple days I have been craving ribs when I get home from work like something fierce.

Sleep: Sleeping just depends on the day I had. Yesterday I slept great but the night before it took me forever to get tired and then I was so hungry my stomach felt like it was eating itself so I got up to eat toast (something I have never done before EVER). Every night my dreams are super weird though so that factors in on how I sleep too.

Baby Items Bought/Received: Nothing recently, but we did get an aquarium musical nightlight that sits on the edge of the crib for Christmas from Brian’s parents. We are also planning on going to look at paint for the nursery this weekend because boy or girl the idea I have in my head for the wall colour won’t change.

Best Baby Moment: Feeling lots of flutters everyday 🙂

Goals: I need to get back into my walking routine. I sit all day at work so I really need to focus and exercise when I get home.

Worries: Nothing really. I get lots of assurance everyday that he is okay in there.

Looking Forward To: Our next doctors appointment on my birthday 🙂 Hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat again!

xo T