Friday Faves

I ❀ short work weeks SO HARD! This calls for a GIF twerk:



Lots going on this weekend though so it will be busy. We decided to bite the bullet and finally do something about our lack of deck space in the back yard and so Brian recruited some friends to help him build a patio! πŸ˜€ While he is slaving away building stuff and being manly, I am dragging my sister to a baseball field at 7:30 am to take photos for the nursery. For some reason she agreed right away to do this with me (I lured her with the promise of Starbucks so that helped) and then we are going to hit up the farmer’s market.

My goal is to have the picture situation in the nursery figured out this weekend so that we can hang all the frames waiting to be filled. Remember how I told you about the prints that I was going to order for the three frames above the crib? Well I ordered them but I am still waiting for them to get here. Tell me if you can see the logic behind this shipping adventure:

CaptureFrom Georgia to Tennessee to Miami…I hope they are catching a plane in Miami because you can’t get further south than that. At least Canada Post is not alone in illogical mailing patterns.

In Baby B news, he now gets the hiccups daily. It is pretty stinkin’ cute. My friend also loaned me some maternity shorts so I am excited to give my pasty legs some sun this weekend!

Tell Me: What are your plans for the weekend?Β 


xo T


My Weekend in a Nutshell

Hey Friends!

So my weekend went pretty much as I expected it to but somehow still was not long enough. Friday we got air conditioning installed in our house (!!!) yay no more 35 degree nights that make our dog throw up at 2 am! We had to make the tough call to either pay for a/c or redo our flooring upstairs and me being a selfish pregnant woman thought about my comfort when I am a whale at 9 months pregnant and we ended up going for the comfort over looks investment. Grown up decisions are so not glamorous.

We went over to our friends house for dinner on Friday and they made us lobster for dinner! I felt kind of bad showing up with our Costco caesar salad and tirimisu cake but that quickly went away once we started eating. I don’t remember lobster being that messy to eat but I somehow got lobster gunk eevveeerryyywwhheerreee including an embarrassing lobster splatter on the wall situation. I blame my messiness on the fact that I was a starving pregnant woman and I ate way too fast (I finished de-shelling and eating my lobster 15 minutes before anyone else did #skillz).

My Saturday was spent cleaning the majority of my house including going scrub crazy on my bathtub and I ended up walking funny for the rest of the day because my back hated me. Later on my sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner and Windy and I shoved our totem pole leggings in Brian’s face. Specifically we recreated a picture of two totem poles:



Sunday was spent catching up on my Facetime calls with family, watching Friday Night Lights (we have ONE episode left!), and meal planning for the week. This week’s meals look like this:

Monday: Beef Dip (**Brian and I made a roast on Sunday and since we never come close to finishing a roast ourselves we always end up making two meat pies from the leftovers and then saving the remainder of the meat for beef dips during the week. I can do a post on our meat pie prep process if anyone is interested as well.)

Tuesday: Chicken Souvlaki

Wednesday: Pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce

Thursday: Lemon-dill tilapia with couscous and bok choy

I didn’t plan for Friday because we are leaving that day on our BABYMOON!

Tell me: How was your weekend?Β 

xo T

I Think I Have Problem

Seriously guys my reading has gotten out of control. I told you all how I finished a book on Tuesday night? Well since then I have finished three more. THREE! That’s insane! I think I have a problem.Β That is four books in four days and going to be honest here I probably will start another one today.

Brian and I actually cuddled on the couch last night while he was watching a hockey and I used his back to rest my iPad while I continued reading…


That is something addicts do.

I am just on a Young Adult novel kick right now. All the stories follow roughly the same principles (damaged boy meets damaged girl and they overcome their demons to fall madly in love). So seriously though…give it up for a few days or keep reading? (In full disclosure I have already downloaded a few more onto my iPad already so it’s going to be pretty hard to stop). I figure it is not like I am turning my brain to mush just watching TV, instead I am exercising my mind πŸ˜‰

What do you think? Also, what are you reading? After this YA novel kick I may have to switch genres to give my poor heart a break from all these damaged souls I am reading about so I am open to suggestions!


xo T



Back In The Groove

Well now that I am caught up on both recaps from my trips I am slightly embarrassed by how little I have to blog about. I really am not exciting as you all think I am but I try πŸ™‚ This week I think it being dark when I leave work is really messing with me as I have been going to bed at like 8 or 9 each night and actually being super tired when I get to bed. Wild woman I know right?



This weekend sounds like it will be pretty low-key with one of the highlights being Brian’s work Christmas party is tonight (free dinner FTW!) and it is at a place that I haven’t been to in a really long time so I am looking forward to it.

My friend Jo and I decided that we wanted to channel our inner Martha Stewart this weekend and do some holiday baking this weekend as well. So far I am dead set on making this amazing deliciousness via The Pioneer Woman:

CaptureΒ (source)

Don’t they look awesome? And they sound super easy so that is a bonus in my books. I am at a loss for what else I want to make though. Brian always tells me to bake more but he never helps me eat it so I think the best things to look into making would be things that freeze well and nothing fudge. I hate fudge. It makes my teeth ache and tastes like I am chewing on straight sugar *shudder*. I was thinking maybe shortbread cookies of some sort or something? Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have been looking for recipes but I keep getting distracted by shiny objects on the internet.

Uhhh did anyone else know that shortbread is only made out of 3 ingredients? Butter, brown sugar, and flour. I think I could make these easily but I don’t know if I could eat them knowing what little nutrients they are made out of. Just reading the directions makes my ass feel bigger already :/

So tell me:

1. What do you like to bake during the holidays? Got any good recipes you can throw my way?Β 

2. Do you have any weekend plans that make mine sound super lame?Β 

Have a great weekend!

xo T

Coffee Date

I love coffee. The smell, the flavour, the nostalgia it creates when you smell it first thing in the morning…ahhh. So since it is Friday and it is a long weekend, lets have a coffee date and have a chat. Grab your coffee and let’s begin (really any beverage will work, it is Friday after all so why not grab some wine or a cocktail? #yolo Since I am at work I will just stick with coffee though ;))



So what has been going on with me lately? Well since get back on the workout wagon my legs are now screaming at me today. It’ll get better though I know it is just because they got lazy. I still haven’t decided if I am going to push for a run tonight or not as I ended up running a 5 km last night. I may do some strength and make use of our makeshift weight room in our basement and give my knees a break.



My parents are hosting a family dinner this Sunday so I get to make pumpkin pie again! Yay! I just hope it turns out as well as last time and that it wasn’t just beginners luck.

This face makes me smile every single day.



I am really happy that this weekend is a long one because Brian and I have a lot to do around the house. We both really want to organize our storage room because it makes us both angry every time we have to get something out of it. And in the past this is where the mice would make their homes in the winter so we want to make it as inhospitable as possible for them. Speaking of mice, my car got an oil change this week and apparently I had mice living in my air filter as it was filled with mouse poop. I am just glad they didn’t chew through the wires or anything :/

Brian and I leave for Phoenix next Friday morning so we will probably be leaving late Thursday night as we are flying out of the States and there are too many variables if we wait until Friday morning to drive 3 hours and go through the border. With that in mind, next week is only a three day work week! Pretty excited! But being away all last weekend has made it clear that we need to start meal planning for during the week. We were scrambling to have enough for lunches this week and ended up eating out a couple times because we didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. In order to save money I think I will start meal planning on Sundays for the week so that I have an idea what to take out and what days I need to compensate with lunches. It’ll work out better for our budget I think. So do you have any tips on meal planning for me? Maybe I will turn it into a weekly post and we can all share meal ideas for the upcoming week πŸ™‚

And I am still obsessed with the Vampire Diaries. It really is good! Give it a couple episodes before you judge me too harshly.



Also, my sister just sent me this link and it definitely made my morning:Β

So what is up with you? What beverage did you end up grabbing? In my mind this was a Starbucks date but I will take other suggestions too πŸ˜›

xo T

Marvelous Monday

Well the beginning of another week and unfortunately it is starting off snowy. This is the view I get from my office window today:



However I refuse to only focus on the negatives and instead choose to be Marvelous In My Monday. Thanks Katie for the link up!



The first snowfall of the season is always a bit scary to drive in because everyone is used to dry roads and keep thinking that they can drive the same way when there is snow on the ground. Especially with my new car I am super paranoid and drive like an old lady in the winter most of the time πŸ™‚ #aintnoshame. Brian left for Edmonton yesterday and isn’t back until tomorrow which sucks because I can never sleep well when he isn’t there. Usually I have to watch Netflix on the iPad until I fall asleep which usually works but last night it backfired. I always save the most ridiculous and girly shows to watch when Brian isn’t around so I don’t get made fun of, so last night I started Season One Episode One of The Vampire Diaries….and it sucked me in. Like bad. Coupled with the fact that I already couldn’t fall asleep, I got sucked in (ha get the pun?) and I stayed up a lot later than usual because the show was surprisingly good. And then when I did fall asleep I had super messed up dreams because I had watched 3 hours of vampireness beforehand. Ugh such a bad idea.



So today is definitely a coffee day.

Other than that my weekend was pretty good! I accomplished my goal of being active all weekend with yoga on Friday, a 5 km on Saturday and a cool 7 miles on Sunday. The Goodbye Party/Birthday party on Saturday night was a bit of a bust unfortunately. Only 8 people showed up and the only highlight was all the boys doing a shot from this unmarked bottle of liquor that someone had brought back from Kenya. We are all pretty sure it was straight rubbing alcohol but they did it anyway and I wish we had recorded their reactions (hint: it looked exactly like you think it would look like when someone takes a drink of something similar to rubbing alcohol).


Last night we had family dinner at my parents house (sans Brian of course) which was delicious and I tried kohlrabi for the first time! Ian just boiled it until tender and I ate mine plain (I love me some veggies!). We all agreed it tasted like a mix between broccoli stems and cauliflower. Pretty neat! We enjoyed it alongside a pheasant that Ian had caught (shot). Β And then we played Heads Up. Which is a game you download on your iPad that apparently Ellen Degeneres plays with some of her guests on her show (It’s only $0.99 in the App Store)




It is HILARIOUS! You can choose different categories and your team has to get you to say the word on the screen to get as many of the words within a minute. The game comes loaded with a bunch of categories but you can buy extra ones if you want. My family and I chose to buy the Adult Supervision category because we are not awkward. it could get awkward fast if you play this category with the wrong people but honestly the category is worth a try just once (it’s not THAT bad). Some of the other categories are:

– Act It Out (no talking, you have to act out what the word or scene is on the screen)

– Blockbusters (movie titles)

– Icons, Legends, and Idols

– Hey Mr. Dj (have to get them to guess the song name and singer. You are supposed to hum it but we allowed singing as long as you didn’t sing the name of the song)

It was a great time and a good way to get some laughs in while spending quality time with your family. I hope you all have a great Monday!

xo T

Happy Friday!

Eff yes I love Friday!



Can you believe it is already the last weekend of October? Where did October go? Where did September go for that matter? Seriously it feels like I am going to blink and it will be Christmas! Brian and I really don’t have plans this weekend except a Going Away/Birthday Party on Saturday night. We were supposed to go to a Halloween party tonight but neither one of us have a costume. I mean I have my old stash from back in the day but I doubt Brian would want to go as a Greek Goddess or a Gypsy. Actually in all of the years that we have been together we have never dressed up for Halloween. Weird hey? I am not sure why. Although this year we won’t even be at home for Halloween because we have to drive up to Edmonton that night. So I don’t even get to secretly indulge in the Halloween candy stash. BOOOOOerns. Now lets reminisce over my old Halloween costumes shall we?

Halloween1Here I was Strawberry Shortcake. The slutty version of course as is almost every costume for 19 year old girls.

Halloween2My Greek Goddess costume that my mom helped me make πŸ˜€ I think I wore this for 2 or 3 years straight.

Halloween3I am some sort of cat here. The shirt and leggings I borrowed from a friend and the ears and tail I made and bedazzled all by myself πŸ˜‰

Halloween4I think this is the last time that I dressed up for Halloween. My sister, mom and I dressed up and stayed in baking Halloween treats. It was actually really fun and a change of pace from going out to the bar for Halloween all the time (I was dressed up as a witch).

On the workout front since I took off two days this week due to work, I plan to be active all weekend (and not cave and buy Halloween candy just to eat it myself). I have got into the habit of doing a long-ish run on either Saturday or Sunday so I will plan on doing that again this weekend. I usually aim for these to be at least 10 km, I have been feeling pretty good though so hopefully I can go a bit further πŸ™‚ Brian and I have been taking Mika on short walks after dinner during the week and she seems to really love it. I used to run with her but her hips are getting pretty bad and so for now short walks are the way to go. It breaks my heart to see her limping around and I feel really guilty if it is from a longer than usual walk. Fortunately we picked up from Medicam from the vet last time we were there so usually if we give her a little bit of that before we go she doesn’t feel any pain. She is 13 though so I think at this point if she can still go for walks at all that is a blessing.

"Take me for a walk mom!"

“Take me for a walk mom!”

So friends what are your weekend plans? What are you going to be for Halloween?

xo T