Guilty Pleasure: MTV’s The Challenge

Excuse this break from potty training and mommy posts so that I can nerd out for a sec.

Most people don’t know this about me (I think the closest people to me just found out about this like last year?) but I am a Challenge super-nerd. For the majority that have no idea what I am talking about, The Challenge is a show on MTV.

For some reason I have just never talked about the Challenge to people. I just watched it, emitted a squee or a groan at opportune times and kept my little obsession to myself. I think this stems for the idea that people I talk to regularly just had never heard about it, so becoming obsessed with it seemed like a solo mission. It could also be that I started watching The Challenge out of desperation because when I lived with my parents we only had one TV and at least 3 different view points on what makes quality television so I was relegated to my room (the basement) with my laptop and very naive knowledge of streaming content. Keep in mind kids this is before Netflix so MTV was one of the only places online that I found anything remotely interesting to watch. I binged old episodes of the Real World on demand and then got intrigued by The Challenge that I kept seeing pop up. Enter in my fascination with this guilty pleasure.

Basically The Challenge is like Big Brother but with ex-Real World contestants. So if you are familiar with their RW season, it adds another layer of intrigue and drama to the contestants. After over 30 seasons of RW and 28 Challenge seasons there are some interesting contestants and lots of past history that sucks you in. A few seasons ago they also added contestants from the show Are You The One? But I personally find these people more like Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants meaning they are all super good-looking but seem to be lacking the competitive edge that is needed for the Challenge. Because The Challenge is exactly what it sounds like, a challenge. Each season there is a different theme (Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons, Cut Throat, Fresh Meat, etc) and the 26 contestants are either competing individually, in pairs, or as teams depending on the theme of the season. They have challenges that they have to do every week while also all living in a house together so you get the best of the Real World but it doesn’t get stale because there is a competition to break up the regular drama. I actually got Brian hooked on The Challenge because of how competitive it is (#Athlete4Life) a couple years ago and he is pretty well-versed in Challenge trivia and has his own favourite contestants.

Now that everyone is caught up, Season 29 is filming right now (!) in Thailand and I was just going to fangirl solo but then decided to spread the love and possibly rant about this upcoming season of The Challenge on here because I just can’t hold it in anymore and while Brian likes watching it, he doesn’t nerd-out as hard as I do so I am in desperate need of an outlet for allthefeels that this show brings out. I might do another post of my all time favourite contestants (this will be SUPER hard) but we shall see. I will leave you with this GIF of an iconic moment in Challenge history that Brian and I reference an embarrassingly large amount whenever the topic of how awesome The Challenge is gets brought up. This is CT (Brian’s #1) wearing Bananas (super vet extraordinaire) like a backpack to dominate an elimination challenge.



Can We Still Be Friends?

With the traveling and holidays of the last two months I am so exhausted and have done nothing except get hooked on a new Netflix show and go to bed at promptly 9 pm. I am sorry I have been neglecting this little blog lately but…can we still be friends?


December seemed to be over in the blink of an eye and now all I have left from that month is a sugar hangover and needles from our fake tree that are somehow still showing up all over my living room.

Are you all dying to know what show has me sucked in now that my beloved Vampire Diaries is only available once a week on cable (at this point in my life, if you are not PVR’d or available for marathon-watching on Netflix I don’t want anything to do with you).

After many many suggestions for this show by Lainey over at my favourite gossip blog of all time Laineygossip.comย I finally caved and started watching last week. Verdict? I. can. not. stop. Are you dying to know what it is yet? Okay okay I will tell you but only if you promise to marathon it with me and send me super inappropriate texts about Riggins. Deal?

FNLThis cover makes it look pretty lame but I watched one episode with Brian and now all of a sudden I am not allowed to watch it without him. I may start regretting the decision of letting him in on my little show secret if he doesn’t hurry up and catch up to where I left off without him. Usually with new shows that I am watching he watches for 10 minutes and then starts making fun of it (this is how Orange is the New Black can only be explained to him as “that lesbian show”) but with this one we watched a whole episode and then he asked if we could watch another in bed on the iPad. So give it a go and let me know if it gets approved by your man too. It has just enough sports talk to appease him and just enough high school drama to suck you right in. And please, for real you will fall in love with Riggins. Just wait.

Now that you have your homework I expect a full report in the comments section on the whole season 1 on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

xo T

My New Obsession

My personality has either been “Oh my god I love it so much I am never going to stop loving this” or “…meh”. Didn’t matter if it was movies, food, TV Shows, whatever. My sister actually used to hate watching movies with me because I would watch them on repeat until I could quote the entire movie by heart. I was quoting Wayne’s World way before I never knew what the words meant. Which led to lots of embarrassing moments for my mom when I would quote a specific part of the movie in front of her friends.


I am still the same way. I can watch the same TV show non-stop for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it just drops off and I don’t care about it anymore. There is no in-between. Brian really hates this because usually my TV show affinity is always directed at the Food Network and as I have mentioned before he absolutely hates Guy Fieri.

So it is absolutely no surprise that I am really obsessed with sweet potatoes. Specifically sweet potatoes mashed with coconut oil and that’s it. Oh my god it is so much heaven. However it is kind of embarrassing because it legitimately looks like I brought baby food with me for lunch:

SweetPotatoApologies for the blurry photo. The only thing more embarrassing about bringing what looks like baby food to work with you for lunch is getting caught taking a photo of said lunch by a coworker. (source)

Questions to answer in the comments:

1. Do you have a current obsession whether it be food, movie, TV show, or anything else?

2. What is your favourite way to eat sweet potatoes? I am open to suggestions on this but you really HAVE to try them mashed with coconut oil before I will listen ๐Ÿ˜›

Can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday! This week flew by!

xo T



Orange Is The New Black

Happy Friday!

This week flew by but I am so happy the weekend is here! I am pretty tired today because I made the mistake of watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix last night and I couldn’t stop watching! Have you seen it yet? It definitely is not for everyone due to the amount of nudity, profanity, and girl on girl action. If you have never heard of it, basically it is about a woman who has to go to jail for a year because she smuggled drug money for her lesbian lover 10 years ago. She is now engaged to a man and is a successful entrepreneur but turned herself in for her crime after her ex-lover ratted her out. There really is no spoiler alert for any of this, you learn all of it within the first 30 minutes via flashbacks.

Each character in jail also has their own story that is told through flashbacks and ties into why they behave like they are in jail. Like I said it is pretty raunchy, but the story so far is really good and there is enough humour in it that it doesn’t feel heavy or make you super anxious (I would get really anxious whenever I watched Sons of Anarchy. Just how they write the episodes and the fact that I love me some Jax Teller. SO GLAD he is Christian Grey). Anyway I would recommend this series to anyone who is not easily offended and needs a new TV series obsession ๐Ÿ™‚




In other news my 5 km race for Special Olympics is tomorrow. I am nervous/excited/scared but mostly just anxious to do it. I am fine running 5 km but it is a bit more stressful because

a) I am running with Brian. He is super fast and makes is look so easy #shakesfist

b) I have never run in a crowd of people before although I have heard this makes it easier

c) This is really vain but I get super sweaty and red when I run. I don’t want to be the tomato at the end that everyone feels sorry for.

I probably should update my iPod tonight too so that I have some good tunes to motivate me. The majority of my playlist is the same as it was 2 years ago when I first started running but some songs are old faithfuls and help with different things. A couple of my favourites are:

1) Sabotage – Beastie Boys. SO good for doing sprints and getting amped up. The song composition is really good for going super fast then slowing down a bit, then repeat.

2) Move, Shake, Drop – DJ Laz Ft. Pitbull. Really good for maintaining a constant fast pace as they keep the energy up throughout the song.

3) Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G. Awesome recovery song for when you need to catch your breath and keep a slower pace.

4) Dance (Ass) Remix – Big Sean Ft. Nicki Minaj. This song makes your booty pop while your running.

5) Give Me Everything – Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer. This song really pumps me up especially when Pitbull screams ha ha

Do you have a favourite song that helps you get your rhythm back during a run? Have any tips for a race newbie?!


xo T