Freakin’ Weekend Pt 2

Yay it’s Friday! Is it too early to use this GIF yet again? I don’t care, I love it (anybody get the Icona Pop reference in there? No? Just me? Okay).


Also speaking of last Friday’s post, I found a GIF of Nick from New Girl doing his moonwalk out of awkward situations! You’re welcome.

moonwalk_nick  Doesn’t that just make your day? If not, picture my husband doing it and it is even better I promise.

In other news, my bump is out of control this week! It depends on the time of day and what I have been eating but usually by the time I go to bed I feel like I have a legit beer gut that I can’t suck in. I think it may be time to take out my belly button ring which will be like the end of an era in a way. Goodbye carefree youth! We had some good times and some not so good times but I will always cherish our memories…

**Side note: believe me I have tried to take a bump picture that does not look like I ate too many burritos but it is just not happening for me in my work bathroom (where most of my selfies are taken #classy). I will try to get Brian to take a photo of me this weekend so everyone can see what I am talking about. As of tomorrow I will be 19 weeks! Almost halfway there = mindblown

Since this is an already really random post, this old song came on my iPod at work yesterday and I immediately got shivers. Love throwback songs like that!

Tell me: what is your favourite throwback song? 

Any song from Classified’s Trial and Error CD and Goldigger by Kanye always bring back so many memories of high school for me.

Have a great weekend!

xo T