Nursery Post 1

This weekend went by way too fast and that is because I spent the majority of it in one room of the house. The nursery. Saturday I worked like a mad-woman finishing up the painting (about 5 hours total ugh) and by that evening Brian and I were able to put together the furniture and put it in the room!

photo 1(8)(I really should have taken these photos with my good camera. iPhone photos just aren’t really cutting it here.)


photo 4(6)


photo 3(8)


photo 2(8)

You can’t really tell from the photos but the walls are a light grey and the wall behind the crib is white. Eventually this white wall is going to be our feature wall once we know what sex Baby B is. Since Brian and I are pretty sure Baby B is a boy all of our ideas just keep focusing on a baseball-themed nursery with the white wall looking  kind of like this:



I want to be clear to when I say baseball-themed nursery I don’t mean tacky baseball nightlights and baseball dresser handles. Yuck. What I envision is more of a vintage baseball look with framed prints and small touches of baseball-ness. This is all just swirling in my head at the moment though so I don’t have any photos to share to get my point across. I am really happy with our progress so far though and am so glad that this room is no longer a hodgepodge room and actually has a (really exciting) purpose now.

xo T

Freakin’ Weekend

Hi Friends! Guess what?!


By the way how can anyone hate Schmidt!? That guy is hilarious and I was slightly obsessed with New Girl for about 2 weeks (how long it took me to go through all the episodes on Netflix) and it was awesome. Brian even started doing Nick’s moonwalk out of awkward situations because it cracks us both up-WATCH NEW GIRL if you don’t know what I am talking about.

I have figured out that I don’t really cook if Brian isn’t home. He has been away for work and all that I have made in the last two days is rice. For dinner one night I literally cut up some raw veggies, added some rice and put some mushroom soup on top #dontjudgeme. While on the topic of eating I actually have a bit of a bump going on! Enough that my coworker called me out on it, so not super noticeable but it’s there! It’s odd and goes against my whole upbringing when I look in the mirror now and I can’t suck it in but I can’t wait to get bigger! The movement is also a lot more noticeable now too especially at night. It feels like a muscle spasm but more forceful now compared to a couple weeks ago when I first started feeling them.

Last night I did some paint touch ups in the nursery and started painting the closet. My painting time limit is about 2 hours because 1) the smell starts to make my throat hurt 2) the brush that we bought is too heavy and makes me feel like I have arthritis and rigamortis after using it. But slow progress is at least progress right!? **Pictures to come soon 🙂

So I use to research books before I buy them now and it is also a good way to track what you have read and what you want to read. I rated all the books that I have read since I started my latest book binge and I have read 43 books. 43 books in about a month. I TOLD YOU I HAD A PROBLEM!



Hope you all have a great weekend!


xo T


Sick Day

When I was younger the longest I would be sick would be 24 hours tops. Fast forward quite a few years and now I am going on 7 days being sick blah! My coworkers actually forced me to stay home on Friday so I had an extra long weekend (Monday was a holiday here in Canada) but they were right in the long run because now I am feeling a lot better. Being sick while pregnant is a bit of a hurdle too because I don’t want to put anything in my body that could potentially be harmful (ie: Nyquil-this may be fine for some but I just wasn’t comfortable taking it while preggo), so I was reduced to lots and lots of peppermint essential oils, a humidifier going 24/7, and an all natural eucalyptus nasal spray.

The difference between Brian and I while sick is I hate being coddled and hugged while Brian turns into the guy from the Nyquil commercial and just keeps interjecting “I’m sick” into every conversation or silence imaginable. I prefer to suck it up and deny anything is wrong until people stare at me funny for coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. I don’t know why I do this, but I prefer to suffer in delusional silence.

hulk Here ya go if you are not familiar with the Nyquil commercial I am talking about:

The good news about having a super long weekend is Brian and I finally made some progress on the nursery room! I had painted the baseboards last week and then this weekend we painted the walls. We are  doing the majority of the room a light grey colour and then there will be one feature wall that will be white and will depend on the gender what kind of feature we will do. So far we our only idea for this wall depends on if Baby B is a boy, so what does that tell ya? Our house is pretty cookie cutter and every single room in it is some variation of brown so I am pretty stoked to have at least one room that is different! We hope to have all of the painting done by the end of this weekend as we have to go through again and do touch ups and finish painting the inside of the closet which is still unfortunately brown. I will do a separate post on the nursery once we have more of it figured out, so far it is just ideas floating in my head so I need to make sure it will work in reality (again everything I have as an idea is based on a baby boy nursery…).

So how was your weekend?! How do you handle being sick?

xo T

16 Weeks

So today started out great! Felt great, looked great, everything was great. Then I got to work and haven’t been able to keep food down since. Goodbye cheerios 😦 Then to top it all off the twinge of a cold that I felt coming on last night reared it’s ugly head and has now manifested as nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing, the works. AWESOME. Okay I will stop being a Debbie Downer now I just needed to get that off my chest.

On a happier note, last night was pretty cool. Our baby stuff from Costco got delivered that we ordered a couple of weeks ago! We also had a mystery box waiting at our front door when we got home that was massive but we had no idea where it came from. Brian and I then spent over 3 hours opening boxes and assembling various baby gadgets. Who knew that a high chair needed that many pulleys and secret lock/unlock buttons?! We sure didn’t. There was a moment of panic too when we were missing the drink tray for the stroller that the car seat needs to latch onto (ie: VERY important piece) and we could not find it anywhere. Brian looked online and since we order it from Costco, there was a chance that we may have to return the entire order. In it’s original packaging….

Needless to see we were kind of freaking out because the stroller was the last thing that we assembled and the thought of disassembling EVERYTHING and putting it back into their respective boxes was something my brain could not handle at that moment. Lo and behold though this morning Brian randomly spotted something underneath the couch and it was our missing drink tray! Hallelujah!

The mystery box was the biggest and heaviest box and was tucked in the corner behind and beneath the rest of the boxes so we did not get to it until all the other boxes were gone. It was a glider! Exactly the one that I wanted and I just knew it was from my Dad and step-mom (I texted to make sure the credit went to the right people just in case). So exciting about all of our awesome baby gear, now all we are missing is a little baby to put in it!

Today you can see a bit more than bloating so I will share my first blog bump photo taken in the bathroom at work:


Weeks: 16

Total Weight Gain: About 10 pounds.

My Body: Have been feeling great minus today where I feel like death. My back has been quite sore recently too but I think painting the baseboards did quite a number on me as well as assembling all the baby stuff last night.

Maternity Clothes: Just some pants right now. Shirts are still too big/fit funny.

Cravings: Nothing really…my appetite is finally toned down and is back to normal (read: I am not eating like a starving trucker anymore yay!)

Sleep: Awesome with my snoogle! Except last night because I was so congested.

Baby Items Bought/Received: Our Costco set, and a glider for the nursery. I also tackled repainting the baseboards in the nursery but am waiting on Brian to finish mudding so that we can put some paint on the walls.

Best Baby Moment: This might get a bit too hippy for some people but it is a pretty cool story. Every once in a while a family friend of ours does a card reading for me (ALWAYS positive stuff none of those decks that have a death card in them or anything; these readings focus on where you are at now and gives messages from your guides). Long story short when I was picking my cards to do the reading I was feeling flutters like crazy. Turns out baby pushed out enough energy to have his own reading with his own cards that were very separate from mine (mine had a very clear and distinct message). That was a really special experience.

Goals: Need to exercise! Ah! This is not working at all. Although it is my birthday week so I think I get kind of a pass for that?

Worries: I really want to change doctors. I am a bit of a chicken and am afraid of hurting my doctors feelings though asking for a referral (the OB/GYN that I want only accepts referrals). Stupid I know and I will eventually do it I am just pushing it off.

Looking Forward To: Changing doctors. Going back home to my snoogle after work.