Sick Day

When I was younger the longest I would be sick would be 24 hours tops. Fast forward quite a few years and now I am going on 7 days being sick blah! My coworkers actually forced me to stay home on Friday so I had an extra long weekend (Monday was a holiday here in Canada) but they were right in the long run because now I am feeling a lot better. Being sick while pregnant is a bit of a hurdle too because I don’t want to put anything in my body that could potentially be harmful (ie: Nyquil-this may be fine for some but I just wasn’t comfortable taking it while preggo), so I was reduced to lots and lots of peppermint essential oils, a humidifier going 24/7, and an all natural eucalyptus nasal spray.

The difference between Brian and I while sick is I hate being coddled and hugged while Brian turns into the guy from the Nyquil commercial and just keeps interjecting “I’m sick” into every conversation or silence imaginable. I prefer to suck it up and deny anything is wrong until people stare at me funny for coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. I don’t know why I do this, but I prefer to suffer in delusional silence.

hulk Here ya go if you are not familiar with the Nyquil commercial I am talking about:

The good news about having a super long weekend is Brian and I finally made some progress on the nursery room! I had painted the baseboards last week and then this weekend we painted the walls. We are  doing the majority of the room a light grey colour and then there will be one feature wall that will be white and will depend on the gender what kind of feature we will do. So far we our only idea for this wall depends on if Baby B is a boy, so what does that tell ya? Our house is pretty cookie cutter and every single room in it is some variation of brown so I am pretty stoked to have at least one room that is different! We hope to have all of the painting done by the end of this weekend as we have to go through again and do touch ups and finish painting the inside of the closet which is still unfortunately brown. I will do a separate post on the nursery once we have more of it figured out, so far it is just ideas floating in my head so I need to make sure it will work in reality (again everything I have as an idea is based on a baby boy nursery…).

So how was your weekend?! How do you handle being sick?

xo T