Pregnancy Brain 101

I thought I would use my love of GIFs to demonstrate what the past 19.5 weeks of pregnancy has been like for me. Enjoy!

When I dream about drinking wine or beer and it is so real I can actually taste it…but then I wake up.


When I finally have a day that it looks like I have a bump and not just that I have eaten too much I’m like:


When my (male) boss has a conversation with me about how much a woman’s body changes during pregnancy


When I am too hungry to sleep at 3 am and I make a snack. Doesn’t matter what I eat, this is what I look like:


Brian’s face when I tell him what I ate at 3 am:


When I read too many romance novels due to my raging hormones.


On the days that everything I own does not fit me right:


When I think about Brian with our baby:


When it hits me that my body will NEVER look the same:


When people give us tips on “the best baby sleeping technique” and then complain about how exhausted they are because their baby isn’t sleeping well.


xo T

Blame the Hormones Pt. 2

In the first Blame the Hormones post I talked about my current obsession with snoogles and lots and lots of books. In this installment I am going to once again blame the pregnancy hormones that are taking over my body by talking about my crushes. “But you’re married!” you may say to me. Well you know, pregnancy is a fickle thing in that it makes me fall even more in love with my husband everyday but at the same time momma enjoys her eye candy.

sorryIn full disclosure Brian knows all about these guys just like how I know about his infatuation with Tara Reid before she got all weird and had a botched tummy tuck.

Number one on my list is who Brian and I refer to as my boyfriend: Brett Lawrie is lucky numero uno. I honestly don’t have a good reason except I blame Brian for this crush because before him I didn’t know anything about baseball except that you can break bones when you fall sliding into a base (I learned this the hard way). And in some ways he kind of reminds me of Brian 🙂 Awwwww


Number two is going to be of no surprise to anyone who reads my blog often (Hi Mom!): Taylor Kitsch a.k.a Riggins from Friday Night Lights. C’mon now do I really need to explain this one at all?


**Side note: apparently I have a thing for jocks/guys in uniforms…

And finally, Charlie Hunnam a.k.a Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy. He would have made an awesome Christian Grey that’s all I’m sayin’.


Now that I just brightened up everyone’s Wednesday I am going to continue to drool over these three photos that I just downloaded to my desktop! Enjoy!


Tell me: Who are you crushing on?

xo T