My Weekend in Books

Hellloooo!! So how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great! We had some friends staying with us who came in from out of town and all of us went to a banquet for Brian’s college baseball team. We go every year to support the team (it is quite an expensive entry fee to go even for alumni) but Brian enjoys seeing some of his old teammates so it is worth it. Some of these guys he has played with or against them since he was 12! Pregnancy made me squeeze myself into some appropriate pants (with the ol’ hair tie trick in the button hole) and tap out at about 10:30 but that was a lot later than I thought I would last so Brian and I took that as a win. Other than that I kept my book reading streak alive and I am ashamed embarrassed going to be honest and say that I lost track of how many books I read. I think one of the days I read two actually but after that I lost count.

We got our friends addicted to playing Heads Up with us as well. I feel bad for anyone that tries to team up against Brian and I because we play so much together we kill it whenever it is either one of our turns. #justsayin


Usually we don’t play teams though, and just have everyone try to give clues as it makes it a lot more fun and we usually only play with about 4-5 people.

Also, if anyone is interested in a list of the books that I devoured last week I can put together a list with a short description and rating of each book (some were A LOT better than others). Some of the better ones that I read were from this list, and I found the rest by myself in the iBooks store. But if reviews would be helpful let me know and I can get started on it!

Reading this much (especially reading some books that were terribly written) it makes me really miss writing. I used to do it a lot and use it as a way to vent but then I got too preoccupied with boys and university and living the dream 😛 I actually found some of my old writing yesterday and some were stories, some were poems, and some was just venting. But the venting hit me that hardest because it took me right back to when I wrote it in the first place and I knew exactly what I was going through at that time. Moving to a new province right in the middle of my high school career was really hard for me and I kind of forgot how much I struggled with finding my place in this new town without any friends. I am tossing up the idea of writing more and maybe if I get enough courage, sharing some of my stories but that may take some time.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

xo T

The Thighmaster

Hello All!

I LOVE long weekends, however they definitely make it hard to get back into the rhythm of a regular work week after having 3 consecutive days of nothingness. I actually had a great weekend that included going out dancing for the first time in a long time. And it was one of those nights where there was no drama, everyone just had a great weekend. It was glorious. That was Saturday night and although I wasn’t feeling necessarily awful Brian and I had a very low key Sunday that included me marathon watching The Vampire Diaries while Brian laid in bed all day. We were both very content spending the day in the same house but not hanging out together and we did FaceTime from different rooms when we missed each other so it worked out well for us. The day before we had completely taken everything out of our storage room, gone through it all, vacuumed the storage room, made shelves, and then organized everything by category into sections. I was in type-A heaven and the 4 hours went by surprisingly fast!

My cousin booked a last minute flight to come visit us so Sunday night we had family dinner and played some hilarious rounds of Heads Up, our new family game obsession. Two things I learned from Sundays game:

– apparently ‘stop, drop and roll’ is not common knowledge in charades for extinguishing a fire. I thought it was pretty clever

– I tried to get my cousin to guess thigh master without any context whatsoever before I started demonstrating it. That got awkward real fast but she did however guess correctly so goes to show that we are related after all 😛

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogging world lately, things have just been quite busy with visiting family and leaving for Phoenix tomorrow. I tried packing for both my Whistler trip and Phoenix trip at once last night (you know one suitcase for cold weather and one suitcase for hot weather) but I got too overwhelmed and just focused on Phoenix. Brian and I are both packing super light in preparation for the amazing shopping that his parents have been telling us about so don’t judge me too harshly when all the photos from our trip show me in the same two outfits.

By the way, this is what a typical conversation looks like between my sister and I:



I will try to update you all while we are in Phoenix!

xo T