Can We Still Be Friends?

With the traveling and holidays of the last two months I am so exhausted and have done nothing except get hooked on a new Netflix show and go to bed at promptly 9 pm. I am sorry I have been neglecting this little blog lately but…can we still be friends?


December seemed to be over in the blink of an eye and now all I have left from that month is a sugar hangover and needles from our fake tree that are somehow still showing up all over my living room.

Are you all dying to know what show has me sucked in now that my beloved Vampire Diaries is only available once a week on cable (at this point in my life, if you are not PVR’d or available for marathon-watching on Netflix I don’t want anything to do with you).

After many many suggestions for this show by Lainey over at my favourite gossip blog of all time I finally caved and started watching last week. Verdict? I. can. not. stop. Are you dying to know what it is yet? Okay okay I will tell you but only if you promise to marathon it with me and send me super inappropriate texts about Riggins. Deal?

FNLThis cover makes it look pretty lame but I watched one episode with Brian and now all of a sudden I am not allowed to watch it without him. I may start regretting the decision of letting him in on my little show secret if he doesn’t hurry up and catch up to where I left off without him. Usually with new shows that I am watching he watches for 10 minutes and then starts making fun of it (this is how Orange is the New Black can only be explained to him as “that lesbian show”) but with this one we watched a whole episode and then he asked if we could watch another in bed on the iPad. So give it a go and let me know if it gets approved by your man too. It has just enough sports talk to appease him and just enough high school drama to suck you right in. And please, for real you will fall in love with Riggins. Just wait.

Now that you have your homework I expect a full report in the comments section on the whole season 1 on Monday 😉

xo T