An Ending

Usually I like to post on Monday’s and start the week off right for ya’ll who read this rambling blog of mine. However this post took me a couple days to be able to write and even now it is hard but needs to be on here because that is what she deserves. Our beloved Mika passed away on the weekend. On Sunday her body started shutting down and on Monday, after 12 hours of seizures and her being in a semi-comatose state, we decided to take her in to the vet to end her suffering. She came back to us on Monday morning before the vet visit however I firmly believe that this was to say goodbye to us for one last time and for us to not remember her the way she was in those 12 hours. She was ready to go and we had to say goodbye.

She is buried on my parent’s property in their miniature pet cemetery that they inherited from the previous owners but will soon also hold our family pets who are currently buried in another location. Brian dug her grave and wrapped her in a Canuck blanket. She will always be in our hearts and our house is just not the same without her. I miss every routine that we had but especially her enthusiastic welcoming that she would give whenever we came home from work for the day. I took this photo a couple hours before she started shutting down. She was outside enjoying the sunshine while watching Brian build our new deck.

Mika_May25'14I hope that she is running like a puppy along the irrigation canals and swimming until her heart is content. Rest in peace Mika Pika.



In case you are curious, this is our new deck (so far)

DeckIt is a lot bigger than we were planning but yolo right?

I’ll have more upbeat stuff coming at ya this week but I needed to get this post off my chest.


xo T


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