Party like it’s 1999

So last night may have to go down as one of the best night of my life. My face looked like this for the majority of the time:



Maybe it was because this is what I was looking at:


That my friends is Nick Carter. All of the Backstreet Boys were INCHES from me last night and I touched hands with 3/5 of them but who is counting.


I am a bit worse for wear today though, really tired and kind of sore all over (especially my voice) but that is to be expected. Considering that I was standing, screaming, dancing, singing and hardcore fangirling for a couple hours last night I am surprised that I did as well as I did. My feet swelled up a little bit and my stomach was really tight by the end of the night but other than that I was on a BSB high for the whole time! Best concert everrrrr.



xo T

4 thoughts on “Party like it’s 1999

  1. ERMAGERD that was so much fun!!! I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did… y’know.. being old and all.

    Oh man – I forgot I touched them too. Totally washed my hands this morning… dangit.

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