Bump Progression

One of the things that surprised me the most about pregnancy (not far behind is the amount of people who wanna be ALLLLL up in your [very] personal business), is how long it took for me to look pregnant. In my opinion, the baby bump process can be described in 5 stages:

1. The Bloat a.k.a psych that’s not a bump that just means you are bloating enough to not fit into your clothes anymore. Two days later it will go back to normal.

2. The Thickening – not a scientific term at all but what I noticed before any bump caused by my uterus was a definitive “thickening” of my waist especially when you looked from the side. Probably no one else would have noticed but I definitely did. The amount of carbs and salty food consumed in the first trimester definitely did not help this situation at all.

3. Chubby Bump – picture combining stage 1 & 2 at the same time and that is the Chubby Bump. You don’t have a pregnancy glow or look cute in maternity clothes, you legit look like you ate too many burritos and are trying to still fit into clothes that are too small for you.

4. Finally Bumpin’ – This is the pregnancy sweet spot (in my opinion, and where I currently am). You can wear cute maternity clothes and rock the bump like nothing else.

5. OMG She is Going to Pop – You know what I am talking about. And to make matters worse this is where you usually develop a waddle.

I am 29 weeks right now so I made a bump progression photo to show the first 4 stages that I am talking about. I apologize ahead of time for two of the photos where I am not wearing any pants…

Bump_ProgressionIt really is true what they say, you never know what you had until it is gone. #RIPFlatStomach I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you until you expanded and became covered in veins.

When I first got pregnant I would spend hours looking at bump photos on blogs and comparing them to myself. Really what I have learned through this whole process is that every woman’s body is different and changes to accommodate a baby in many different ways. It’s crazy what has been going on in there since November and I am so thankful and in awe of my body in everything that it has accomplished so far. Yes I know the worst is yet to come, but I have to give my body credit; it is doing an awesome job at something it has never done before.

In other pregnancy news, I passed my glucose test with flying colours! I also had to get a pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine this week which kind of sucked but it is for Baby B more than me. It wouldn’t have been a big deal but now my arm is all red and itchy around the injection site. It kind of looks like a big bug bite and hurts to lay on that side on my arm. Apparently this is all normal, I just hope it goes away soon.

xo T

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