22 Weeks

Weeks: 22

Total Weight Gain: Not sure but I think around 15 pounds

My Body: Feeling good! I really need to make fitness more of a priority though. This week has been good for walks with Mika, but last night I did a “pregnant woman circuit” that included squats, lunges, planks, and push ups and it was shocking how much muscle I have lost. So doing more strength exercises is my goal going forward.

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively. Still a few items still hanging by a thread.

Cravings: Nothing really. I am just hungry all. the. time.

Sleep: The usual weird dreams and pee breaks but other than that can’t complain. Baby B really likes to kick me in the morning though when I have just shut off my alarm and am laying there. All of a sudden he will just start kicking away.

Baby Items Bought/Received: My aden + anais items that my mom bought me arrived yesterday! I got a change pad cover, a blanket, and 4 swaddle blankets. This brand is not cheap but the word on the mommy blogs is that they are the best so I really wanted to try them. The flying dog on the blanket just kills me! So adorable. My step mom also bought me a diaper bag so I am excited to see it when it comes in the mail!

PicMonkey CollageI also registered for my baby shower with Toys R Us this week. I think I have everything covered, although I am disappointed that they don’t let you register for clothing items online 😦 So I hope people who come to the shower bring outfits anyway!

Best Baby Moment: Seeing and feeling him move at the same time. It is so surreal. I also had a bit of a blonde moment yesterday when it finally dawned on me why the movements were so low on my stomach; it is because it is his feet! For some strange reason I was visualizing him laying down across my stomach (maybe because that is how the ultrasound photos come?) and it blew my mind to realize that he is curled up vertically with his feet at the bottom.


Goals: Working on strength exercises so I’m not a lost cause trying to lose all my baby weight.

Worries: None!

Looking Forward To: Our babymoon this weekend! A babymoon is one last getaway just the two of us before the baby comes 🙂 We are going down to Whitefish, Montana and staying at a friends timeshare there. It is free accommodations for us (yay!) but we have to sit through a sales pitch (boo!). We don’t have a lot planned for it, just to hang out and get some shopping done for the nursery and maternity clothes for me.  But I am looking forward to no cell phones or distractions for a few days and just reconnecting with my husband.

22 Weeks_crop


xo T



2 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. You are so beautiful! Be proud of the changes your body is going through…it will bounce back 🙂
    Love the baby stuff you’ve gotten so far…

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