My Weekend in a Nutshell

Hey Friends!

So my weekend went pretty much as I expected it to but somehow still was not long enough. Friday we got air conditioning installed in our house (!!!) yay no more 35 degree nights that make our dog throw up at 2 am! We had to make the tough call to either pay for a/c or redo our flooring upstairs and me being a selfish pregnant woman thought about my comfort when I am a whale at 9 months pregnant and we ended up going for the comfort over looks investment. Grown up decisions are so not glamorous.

We went over to our friends house for dinner on Friday and they made us lobster for dinner! I felt kind of bad showing up with our Costco caesar salad and tirimisu cake but that quickly went away once we started eating. I don’t remember lobster being that messy to eat but I somehow got lobster gunk eevveeerryyywwhheerreee including an embarrassing lobster splatter on the wall situation. I blame my messiness on the fact that I was a starving pregnant woman and I ate way too fast (I finished de-shelling and eating my lobster 15 minutes before anyone else did #skillz).

My Saturday was spent cleaning the majority of my house including going scrub crazy on my bathtub and I ended up walking funny for the rest of the day because my back hated me. Later on my sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner and Windy and I shoved our totem pole leggings in Brian’s face. Specifically we recreated a picture of two totem poles:



Sunday was spent catching up on my Facetime calls with family, watching Friday Night Lights (we have ONE episode left!), and meal planning for the week. This week’s meals look like this:

Monday: Beef Dip (**Brian and I made a roast on Sunday and since we never come close to finishing a roast ourselves we always end up making two meat pies from the leftovers and then saving the remainder of the meat for beef dips during the week. I can do a post on our meat pie prep process if anyone is interested as well.)

Tuesday: Chicken Souvlaki

Wednesday: Pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce

Thursday: Lemon-dill tilapia with couscous and bok choy

I didn’t plan for Friday because we are leaving that day on our BABYMOON!

Tell me: How was your weekend?Ā 

xo T


4 thoughts on “My Weekend in a Nutshell

  1. My weekend was good. Relaxing and rejuvenating. I got to hang with MY awesome sister and brother-in-law… and make totem pole pictures šŸ˜‰

    I hope you have a blast on your babymoon!!!

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