Nursery Post 1

This weekend went by way too fast and that is because I spent the majority of it in one room of the house. The nursery. Saturday I worked like a mad-woman finishing up the painting (about 5 hours total ugh) and by that evening Brian and I were able to put together the furniture and put it in the room!

photo 1(8)(I really should have taken these photos with my good camera. iPhone photos just aren’t really cutting it here.)


photo 4(6)


photo 3(8)


photo 2(8)

You can’t really tell from the photos but the walls are a light grey and the wall behind the crib is white. Eventually this white wall is going to be our feature wall once we know what sex Baby B is. Since Brian and I are pretty sure Baby B is a boy all of our ideas just keep focusing on a baseball-themed nursery with the white wall looking  kind of like this:



I want to be clear to when I say baseball-themed nursery I don’t mean tacky baseball nightlights and baseball dresser handles. Yuck. What I envision is more of a vintage baseball look with framed prints and small touches of baseball-ness. This is all just swirling in my head at the moment though so I don’t have any photos to share to get my point across. I am really happy with our progress so far though and am so glad that this room is no longer a hodgepodge room and actually has a (really exciting) purpose now.

xo T

2 thoughts on “Nursery Post 1

    • Thanks! Can’t wait for you to see it! The photos really don’t do it justice. The monitor was actually bought before I was pregnant! We bought it because we were all excited 🙂

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