15 Weeks

Weeks: 15

Total Weight Gain: I am not sure. I only get weighed at my doctors appointments and I forgot to look down last time :/

My Body: I feel normal! I don’t look pregnant or feel pregnant really except for certain times of day. It’s a bit trippy to forget and then suddenly remember.

Maternity Clothes: Just pants right now. Shirts are still too big/fit funny.

Cravings: Hot sauce (sriracha or Franks Red), hard boiled eggs, apples, popsicles, and ribs. The closest I have gotten to ribs this week was a beef dip and it didn’t satisfy my craving 😦

Sleep: Sleeping good except for really vivid dreams, waking up to pee in the middle of the night, and losing feeling in my left side because I force myself to sleep on that side.

Baby Items Bought/Received: We bought this set from Costco and it comes with all the big stuff we need for a really good price. Both of our parents helped buy this for us so we feel extremely spoiled. Brian’s parents are also bringing down the nursery furniture that Brian’s brother gave us this weekend as well so everything is coming together really fast! We also picked a paint colour for the nursery last weekend that is a very light grey so will work with lots of colours whether Baby B is a boy or a girl.


Best Baby Moment: Feeling lots of flutters everyday :)

Goals: I need to get back into my walking routine. I sit all day at work so I really need to focus and exercise when I get home. <– this hasn’t changed from last week. I cannot wait until it is nice outside (read: NOT -30) so that I can walk outside again.

Worries: Brian made me a sandwich for lunch today that has (nitrate free) sandwich meat on it and now I am all paranoid. I’m sure it will be fine but you never know!

Looking Forward To: Our next doctors appointment on my birthday :) Hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat again!


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