14 Weeks Pregnant

I love reading other women’s weekly pregnancy updates and now it is even better when I am at the same stage and can compare my symptoms to others and see how they differ (I sound like a huge creeper I know…). So I thought I would start documenting the weekly progressions and later on it will be fun to look back and remember everything. Also, this is for the other creepers like me 😛

Weeks: 14 (Right now I am 14 weeks and 5 days but lets just say 14 for the sake of this post.)

Total Weight Gain: I am not sure. I only get weighed at my doctors appointments and I forgot to look down last time :/

My Body: Feeling good! So much better than a few weeks ago. My legs get really restless sometimes but they have always been like that if I am over tired. I am also feeling lots of small movements and can usually tell where the little lemon is laying. There is definitely a pattern starting to emerge 🙂

Maternity Clothes: I haven’t worn any maternity shirts yet but I am wearing one pair of grey leggings/dress pants and skinny maternity jeans quite often. Other than that all my clothes still fit with the minor tweaking for some of them. Ie: the hair tie trick on some pants that fit fine everywhere else, and some shirts getting to be a bit too tight across my chest.

Cravings: I have never done this pre-pregnancy but I love Franks Hot Sauce on my scrambled eggs now. So good! Also the last couple days I have been craving ribs when I get home from work like something fierce.

Sleep: Sleeping just depends on the day I had. Yesterday I slept great but the night before it took me forever to get tired and then I was so hungry my stomach felt like it was eating itself so I got up to eat toast (something I have never done before EVER). Every night my dreams are super weird though so that factors in on how I sleep too.

Baby Items Bought/Received: Nothing recently, but we did get an aquarium musical nightlight that sits on the edge of the crib for Christmas from Brian’s parents. We are also planning on going to look at paint for the nursery this weekend because boy or girl the idea I have in my head for the wall colour won’t change.

Best Baby Moment: Feeling lots of flutters everyday 🙂

Goals: I need to get back into my walking routine. I sit all day at work so I really need to focus and exercise when I get home.

Worries: Nothing really. I get lots of assurance everyday that he is okay in there.

Looking Forward To: Our next doctors appointment on my birthday 🙂 Hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat again!

xo T


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