Let’s take a break from all the pregnancy talk for a little bit shall we?

Some things not pregnancy related that have been going on are:

– I got my passport renewed. Not very exciting I know but it kind of was because I bought the 10 year one and the look of it is quite different from my old one. The only thing that sucks is my passport photo but I am pretty sure everything about the photo is supposed to make you look bad. For example I had to push my hair behind my back (the ladies with long hair know why this bothers me), tilt my chin UP (I know right? Horrible angle on anybody), and she didn’t even show me the photo after she took it. I got to see it for the first time after we bought it in the car. BOOOO! It is not a good look.

Cool thing though: when my kid is older I can tell them that I was pregnant with them in my passport photo.

– My bff Christina and I do a yearly gift exchange for Christmas that combines our birthdays as well (hers is in December and mine is in February). We usually set a $50 limit and can send them whenever we get things organized within that time frame. So of course, I got hers in the mail a couple days ago meanwhile I am only partway collecting all the components. It is a creative process, you cannot rush it 😛

Anyway, she got me a gorgeous necklace made by a local person from the Sunshine Coast (where we both are from and where she still lives), tea made from home as well, and amazing comfy pants. The story behind the pants is pretty funny actually. A few months ago I sent her a link to this pair of lounging pants online with this email:

pant_convoSo she ended up buying them for me for our gift exchange. I am totally in love with them, however Brian calls them my Justin Bieber pants because they kind of fit me like this.

– For people that know me they know I am and always have been a bookworm. I love reading and it usually manifests itself into a slight obsession once I start a book. It’s like Pringles, once I pop I can’t stop.

…I think that came out wrong but you get what I mean right? RIGHT?!

prettymouthshutBrian learned really quickly that this is how I read things so it came to no surprise to him when I finished a book last night, that I had started reading that same day. I read Into The Deep by Samantha Young  and although it is no literary masterpiece, it is a relatively good read that is along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey but with A LOT better writing, set in a University setting, and not all hardcore as FSG is. I would say the main character’s intense relationships are the reason why I likened it to FSG, not for the sexual component as this novel is categorized more as a Young Adult novel than anything.


The story is of a girl named Charley who, along with her best friend, decide to study abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland for their third year of University. While there, Charley runs in to her high school boyfriend from the United States who applied to study abroad as well for the off-chance that she was still planning on studying in Edinburgh. The book flip-flops between past and present to show how their relationship began, why it unraveled and why she doesn’t want anything to do with him, but still can’t shake the feelings that she once had.

To be honest the main reasons why I read the book were because it was recommended by a blogger that I read all the time and I trust her taste, I was looking for something to read as the new Game of Thrones book has completely lost my interest, and mostly because it is set in Edinburgh. Edinburgh  was my favourite place that we traveled when I went to England and Scotland in high school for dance. I will have to dig out the old photo books to get the pictures (this was before Facebook if you can believe that) and maybe I’ll share some good ones 🙂

So thanks for listening to my (non-pregnancy related) ramblings and congrats if you stayed with me until the end of this one. It is a long one! Let me know if you end up reading the book!


xo T


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