Weeks 6 & 7

Well I am almost 7.5 weeks along and things are just trucking along over here. In week 6 my nausea was intense leading me to throw up once and have intense dry heaving sessions a couple of times. Most times I find it is because I am hungry or am not eating enough. The one time I threw up it had started with nausea and so I tried eating an apple as a snack but that came right back up halfway through eating it. As soon as I get hungry the nausea starts and my body craves specific things and at that time it did not want apples. I am LOVING carbs right now though. I cannot get enough and Brian loves it. Pasta, pizza, PB&J sandwiches, cereal, all awesome. I brought a salad with me to work yesterday and the smell, texture, everything about it was revolting but I crammed it down because I knew that I needed some veggies in my body. I am still drinking coffee but am trying to ween myself off of it slowly. I usually fill my to-go mug half way and then fill the rest with hot water. Next week I will probably try to go down even more with the hopes of my body slowly giving it up. Also, carbonated drinks are amazing right now. I have never been a big pop drinker, but if we go out to dinner a diet coke sounds amazing. Or if I am home I love perrier with lemon, I think it is the bubbles that really hit the spot.

The mornings and evenings aren’t too bad for nausea, but afternoons are terrible. Usually starting around 1 pm I get nausea (how bad depends on my eating for the day) and then by 4 pm I am exhausted and it feels like a really bad hangover or the flu with my body just not wanting to move. I get really tired on my drive home from work which causes me to get home, put on my stretchy pants and lay down for a few minutes on the couch. I get a second wind between 6-7 and then by 7:30 pm I am ready for bed. My eyes get really tired but when I go to bed it takes a little bit to fall asleep most nights.

Physically I still feel pretty good with no obvious pregnancy symptoms that people are catching on to at work. Mainly it is still just things that I notice about myself on a daily basis. For one my boobs are very sensitive and the veins on my chest and breasts are a lot more pronounced and visible it seems. I am noticing too that some days my uterus feels like there is constant heat and energy there. Last Saturday it felt massive and very active. We were doing errands all day and by the time we got home I felt so exhausted and it felt like my uterus was the size of a melon and just throbbing so I made sure to lie down and rest a bit in case it was going into overdrive because I was pushing too hard. Most times I notice my uterus in the evenings and at night and it feels hotter at those times. During the day it could be because I am busy working so don’t really notice it, or maybe the nausea overrides the uterus feelings.

I have done some incline walking on the treadmill as my exercise but not very often and I found that afterwards I would feel like I had the flu and just super run down afterwards which was not a nice feeling. I really miss running and sweating during an intense workout but I am afraid that I will push myself too hard or get my heart rate too high and then it wouldn’t be good. Most days though I just want to do nothing. I feel pretty lazy about it, but it is really hard to mentally get up and do something or go somewhere and I don’t think our winter weather is helping at all.

So far my emotions have been pretty good and steady with no crazy crying or anything. I do get annoyed at little things a lot easier, but I am not sure if that is pregnancy related or not. For the most part, the biggest thing I am noticing is my eating habits and food aversions. Meat and vegetables just do not sound appealing to me at all. If they are on a plate in front of me I will eat them, but the thought of them and the smell of it makes me gag, especially the thought or raw meat like pork or chicken.

Some days I convince myself that I feel nothing though and that scares me. My biggest fear is that one day I will wake up and all the symptoms will be gone and I have miscarried. I am unsure how to get over this mental hurdle so I made a BodyTalk appointment and hopefully Kate can help me let go of fear and just focus on the positives. When I am going to bed I think about a growing belly, a healthy heart beat, and visualize myself waddling around about to pop. Sometimes I think about the newborn stage, but for right now, the pregnant belly visuals have been helping me focus on the positive and letting go because ultimately everything right now is out of my control. All I can do is make sure my body is healthy and nature will take care of everything else.

xo T


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