11.5 Weeks

So here we are at almost 12 weeks (finally!). I CANNOT wait until Monday when we get to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Earlier on in the week I was seriously contemplating calling and switching the appointment to Friday so that I wouldn’t have to wait as long but that isn’t helping me manage my impatience.

In terms of symptoms I feel leaps and bounds better than I did in weeks 6-8. I don’t think I realized how miserable I was until I didn’t feel like that anymore. During Christmas I had a bit of worry when I had no symptoms at all anymore but I had to keep reminding myself that being nauseated for most of the day should not be the only indicator of a little baby in there. Then a couple days later I was dry heaving again and all was right with the world. A couple days ago I had my first bout of throwing up everything I had previously eaten and that was not much fun. Before then it was just little bits here and there if I was hungry and didn’t eat right away or drank coffee. But this time it was my whole bowl of cheerios for no apparent reason! Rude.

I have had really intense, almost pinching, pains in my boobs the last couple days and last night it hurt enough to wake me up. I think it is everything getting ready for the milk but ohmygod does it hurt! Since the nausea has subsided for the most part (I can now survive a morning at work without inhaling sleeves of crackers like it is my job), I have become even more aware of everything happening “down there”. I really notice happenings right after I eat, especially if it is sweet. Sometimes it makes me laugh to myself because I eat my popsicle (which taste AMAZING right now I even have Brian hooked on them) and shortly after it is like my lower abdomen is dancing away and I visualize a little lime-sized bean in there moving and shaking away. I would think this is coincidence but it happens 95% of the time after I eat. Like the food makes a beeline to my uterus.

I finally bit the bullet and bought some maternity clothes last week as well. Well technically my mother in-law bought them for me, as she gave me a cheque for maternity clothes at Christmas. I can still fit my pants for most of the day but by 3 pm that button is undone and is painful to do back up. My work pants that used to be super loose on me are now my staple as they are the only normal, non-legging, pants that I can wear without having to button up every time I stand up from my desk. First I tried looking at Value Village for some maternity pants but they were like a time warp to 1992, acid wash included. We decided to then check out Old Navy and scored a really good deal on a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black dress pants for work and we got both for under $40.

*In order to have full-disclosure, I did have a bit of a meltdown with the buying of maternity pants. It was one of those hormonal breakdowns that makes perfect sense in your head but when you are blubbering and telling your husband about it he just stares at you like you are speaking gibberish. Let me back up and explain what made me emotional about this shopping endeavor. The night before, Brian and his friends went out to a bar for some drinks. The next day on our way to get maternity pants, I lose it and this is why: the previous night my husband was around young girls with hot bodies and then next day he has to accompany his wife to buy her bigger pants. I bawled in the Value Village parking lot for about 30 minutes and then we talked it out (obviously no on is in the wrong here except for hormones) and then went shopping. Poor guy. At least he only has 6 more months of this right?! 😉

On a slightly less dramatic shopping trip, my mom took me shopping for maternity clothes and I scored two long sleeve shirts, two t-shirts, and a pair of leggings that look like dress pants but feel like pajamas (WIN!). I have tried to be more consistent with walking this week as well. Monday felt like week 7 again and so I tried walking for 20 minutes to see if that would help – it didn’t but at least I tried. I have such a strong itch to run but right now I get winded just from walking up the stairs too fast. I am going to blame this on the extra blood flow and not the lack of physical exercise from the past couple months.

Slowly but surely more people are finding out about this baby, whether Brian or I tell them or our parents tell them by accident. Each and every person is so excited for us and it makes me more excited to see how much love this baby is already surrounded by. Again I cannot stress enough how excited I am for Monday! Grow baby grow!

xo T


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