First Trimester – Eating

To show how drastically my eating has changed since the first trimester (I am now 13 weeks) I thought I would do a comparable “Day In the Life”. Please don’t judge me for what I am going to admit to shoving in my face during the early weeks.

**These situations did all happen in the First Trimester, just not all of them on the same day.

8 Weeks

7:00 am – wake up feeling nauseated

7:15 am – down a big glass of water and eat a giant bowl of cheerios while doing hair and makeup

8:30 am – get to work. Try drinking coffee and it comes right back up.

9:15 am – start getting nauseous again (a sign that I should eat something). Try eating an apple. That does not work and halfway in, it comes right back up.

9:20 am – start getting the cold sweats and begin freaking out because I don’t want to throw up again. Start shoving saltines in my mouth to make the nausea go away; that finally works. (I was still naive enough to think that anything but carbohydrates would make the nausea go away… I learned quickly though)

11 am – start getting hungry and quickly realize that I did not bring enough food to sustain me for the whole day (most days I ate way more than Brian did. I was a tank). Started eating my leftover pasta dish that I brought while texting my mom to see if she could bring me a bagel and cream cheese.

12 pm – continue snacking on copious amounts of saltines and peanuts from my desk drawer stash at work. Try eating the salad I brought thinking I could stomach it but end up just picking at it while intermittently gagging

12:45 pm – my mom brings my bagel and angels sing ‘Hallelujah’

2 pm – 5 pm – ate my weight in peanuts.

5 pm – arrive home and immediately fall onto the couch in the fetal position. My body is so tired and achy, making dinner for tonight is out of the question.

5:15 pm – start getting nauseous again so drink some orange juice until dinner is ready.

5:45 pm – Brian makes the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life.

8:30 pm – fall asleep while on the couch.

8:45 pm – stumble to bed.

12 Weeks 

7 am – wake up feeling slightly nauseated

7:15 am – down a big glass of water and eat a giant bowl of bran flakes while doing hair and make up

8:30 am – get to work. Make myself an herbal tea

9:30 am – get slight nausea, so before it gets too bad I eat a granola bar from my desk stash at work

12 pm – eat my chicken ceasar salad that I brought for lunch with an apple on the side.

2 pm – snack on a hard boiled egg

5:15 pm – start making rice for the crockpot meal that has been cooking all day

9 pm – go to bed


So as you can see… it gets A LOT better.


xo T


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