Finding Out

I want to tell you all that has been going on but it is going to take me a bit of time to get it all out. I have been keeping draft posts of my weekly progress so I will use those to get up you all to date! So let’s start from the beginning shall we? The question that we are getting the most right now from people finding out is, were we “trying”? In short, kinda. On our honeymoon we talked a lot about the future and what we wanted it to look like and we decided to finish my current cycle of birth control pills (I buy them 3 months at a time) and then see what happens. So the old pulling the goalie technique if you will-I apologize to all my parents and in-laws in advance if this is all TMI.

Initially the only reason I took a test on that fateful Tuesday night was because Brian asked if I wanted a Caesar and since I had been feeling so much activity down there in the past week I told him that if the test was negative I would have one with him. But either way I wanted to test again on Friday before we left for our trip to Phoenix just to be completely sure when we were on vacation that there wasn’t a little person growing in there.

Brian asked if he could be there to look at the result for the first time with me and so after I did the deed and washed my hands we finished cleaning up from dinner and chatted a little bit. I kept getting butterflies in my stomach when I would think about looking. I had never had that feeling any of the other times that I had taken a test. Somehow I just knew it was going to be positive and that moment would change our lives forever. I was really nervous and sitting with Mika when I heard a really weird sound coming from outside. It sounded like Christmas lights scraping the side of the house. Brian didn’t hear it so he kind of looked at me all crazy when Mika and I both got up to look at the door. He opened the front door and nothing was there but the snow shovel that was sitting there had fallen over. I took this is a sign that my nervousness was correct and that it was going to be positive. I don’t know how, but at that moment it made sense to me.

We then went to look at the piece of plastic sitting on the counter that held the key to our future. I knew it was going to be positive but for some reason when I looked at it I thought it was going to be negative if that makes sense. My eyes didn’t want to process and believe what my heart already knew. It was positive.


Test 1 – Tuesday

There was a faded but definitive line that confirmed what my intuition was telling me. The test (we bought the Clear Blue tests in bulk from Costco) is not the easiest thing to figure though. There are two boxes that have lines, one that is smaller and is the control box, and a bigger one that either has one line or two depending on if you are pregnant or not. After explaining to Brian what a ‘control group’ exactly is, it started to become real for him. He still had to read the instructions a couple times to make sure we had the right lines in the right boxes pointing the right way to be a positive test though.


Since the test was so faded, we decided to test again on Friday before we left for the airport to go to Phoenix with Brian’s parents. Lo and behold that thing was a definitive positive and we couldn’t stop talking about the little sesame seed inside of me who was about to take his/her first plane ride.


Test 2 – Friday

xo T


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