The Last Few Months

I have been quiet on the blogging front for awhile now and it is mainly due to my lack of workouts recently, shoving food in my mouth while standing up in the kitchen so that I don’t vomit, and general laziness that all-day nausea and a general feeling of crappyness brings. It was so terribly hard to come up with new content to blog about when all I wanted to do after work was curl up in the fetal position and eat grilled cheese.

If you haven’t got it by now, I will let you in on my little secret. I am pregnant.

test1Sorry for sharing my pee stick with the internet but it is the most effective way to really drive the point home. As of today I am 12 weeks and 4 days and we heard the heartbeat for the very first time two days ago. That’s right folks, I was pregnant when I went to Phoenix (we actually found out the morning of our flight there), and when I was in Whistler. Not being able to have a beer during a football game was tough, as was not having a glass of wine with my best friends in Whistler to accompany the copious amounts of chocolate that we ate. But really that little heartbeat that we heard was totally worth it. I don’t even know the little person in my belly yet, but I am already madly in love with he/she (I refuse to call it an “it”).

I will post some weekly recaps from the last 3 months so I have a record, and also if other preggos are interested in learning what symptoms I suffered through had. This blog may be a little baby-centered for a little bit just until I catch up with recaps and then I will resume letting you in on whats going on with me on a regular basis. Warning: I am definitely not as fun as I used to be but I make up for it with awesome TV reviews, and new recipes thanks to the reintroduction of my appetite for regular foods šŸ™‚

xo T


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