Crappy Eats

So my eating today has been so spectacularly bad today that I decided to let you all in on it.

First of all, neither Brian or I checked last night to make sure we had sufficient supplies for breakfast this morning. Brian had no bread to make his peanut butter toast and I had not enough milk to have a giant bowl of cereal like I usually do. Brian wouldn’t have enough time to make eggs, and I was already bringing two hard boiled eggs as my work snack today so I figured it would be over kill to make any sort of eggs. And I only like eggs with toast anyway really so that wasn’t going to work.

Brian ended up creating a disgusting protein powder smoothie that was just the rest of the milk, ice, frozen fruit, and protein powder. Usually he is very particular with his smoothies and won’t even make one if we don’t have yogurt. We didn’t have yogurt and he still made one, that is how desperate he was for some breakfast.

I on the other hand decided to leave earlier for work and stop at Tim Hortons on my way to pick up a bagel (no breakfast sandwich for me because of the eggs. I know I know, I am weird). So I got a peppermint tea (my fav) and a twelve grain bagel toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese. In the last second I also decided to get a cinnamon raisin bagel just plain and not toasted for later as a snack (this made sense to me at 7:45 am ok?).

So I get to work and eat my bagel. Has anyone else noticed that Tim Hortons is seriously slacking in the cream cheese department nowadays? Back in the day I remember having to scrape off the excess cream cheese because they would always put too much on. Now I have to use my finger to make sure each side has some cream cheese but this job is increasingly hard because of the small amount they gave me. Maybe it is because I ordered a twelve grain and they think that I am health conscious or something? I am but c’mon….cream cheese is delicious!

So lunchtime rolls around and I get the bright idea to cut up my hard boiled eggs and put it on my salad that I brought to work yesterday but never ate. I then make the worst decision anyone eating a salad can make…I put too much dressing on.

Those last few bites were so ranch-y (and I don’t usually eat ranch, I just thought it was a good idea yesterday when I brought it to break up my usual balsamic vinegar and oil dressing) that my stomach was sick feeling and my mind kept gagging over those last few bites of salad over and over again. I decided that I needed something bland to get rid of this nauseous ranch feeling so enter bagel #2. Thankfully my work has a toaster oven so I toasted my cinnamon raisin bagel and put globs of hard refrigerated butter on each side, letting the butter slowly melt into pools of deliciousness. I then proceeded to inhale this bagel like it was my job. I guess that salad was so terrible my stomach didn’t even want to tell my brain it was hungry in fear that I would feed it more of that ranch covered egg mess.

This morning Brian took out some homemade turkey soup from the freezer for dinner tonight so I am hoping dinnertime is when I will finally get my stuff together and have a meal go okay for me for once today. Wish me luck!

xo T 


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