Blog Etiquette

Usually I like to keep this blog positive and funny, however recently some things have been happening that I just need to get off my chest. One thing in particular is quite annoying me lately and that is blog etiquette. Kat from Vodka and Soda has written about this topic really well in her post that you can read here but lately this kind of crap has been happening more and more to me and I think it is time that I talk about it too.

As I have mentioned before, I really like reading blogs and being a creep into someone else’s life on a daily basis. Recently though I have had to unfollow quite a few blogs because of just bad blogging etiquette. I started following them, leaving comments on their posts, and checking back almost daily and in two weeks there is absolutely no reply for any of it? No courtesy post read just to see who has been creeping for the past two weeks or even a follow up comment to say thank you. It is just rude. It is like a real-life relationship where you are constantly giving and giving and the other person doesn’t even call you back to say that they got your 10 texts, 5 emails, and 2 voicemails.


I will admit that at first I was kind of hurt. Do they just not like my photo that was beside my comment? Maybe they did check out my blog but didn’t think I was good enough to comment on so just left right away.  Then I got kind of pissed. I don’t care how many sponsored posts you do a month, or how much free stuff you get sent to you by companies to do a review on, if you have time to blog twice a day every day, then you should be smart enough to allocate time to respond to your readers comments and emails. They are taking time out of their day to care about what is going on in your life, so why can’t you do them a solid and throw a little blog love their way too? I have liked a blogger’s post or commented on one without following them back before and we were like two ships who passed by in the night. But at least we both flashed our lights at each other if that makes sense.

Needless to say, I unfollowed quite a few blogs in the past week or so. You want to know what the weird thing is? A lot of them were Canadian! In a country known for our friendliness, the bloggers are the exception. How does that make sense? I get that blogging is pretty narcissistic in nature and your ego gets stroked quite a bit but you still gotta represent Jenny from the Block you know what I mean?

Tomorrow I will be a bit more positive I promise 🙂


xo T


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