Whistler Recap

So after my holiday in Phoenix I only had one full day at home to see Mika, do laundry, and pack for Whistler. Like I mentioned before, I was going for a work trip but I wrangled Windy and Christina to come with me to keep me company. I bribed them with shopping and girl talk so it was a win-win all around. (I may have also bribed them with chocolate…)

photo 2(6)

After flying to Vancouver then traveling by skytrain and bus, we were finally reunited with Christina and began our drive up to Whistler. Nothing says “I miss you” like an up close and personal photo while you are driving….

photo 3(5)


photo 4(3)We spent a lot of time trying out different Whistler restaurants (we only went to one restaurant more than once and that was just because they had good food and played Shaggy on repeat). We also did some touristy things but mostly we did a lot of eating #noshame.

photo 5

photo 3(6)The highlight of the food experience for me was a Mexican restaurant that we tried out. At first we weren’t sure if they were open so we stood outside for a few minutes peering in, but after walking in we realized all the tables were around the corner and they were mostly full! Windy ordered a cilantro margarita that was surprisingly good! We weren’t really sure what to expect but it tasted like blended cilantro with ice and some tequila….so I guess exactly what you would expect it to taste like. I ordered the verde enchiladas that were amazing but I was starving at this point so I could have just ate refried beans in a bowl and been convinced that I had an authentic Mexican restaurant experience.

PicMonkey Collage2Christina had to leave a day early because she had to be a grown up and go do some actual work (lame right?) so Windy and I checked out the hot tub at our hotel (the pool was closed :() and then went to a really cool sushi place that was off the beaten path for dinner on our last night there. Windy said it reminded her of Tokyo just from the decor and the lighting which I thought was pretty cool, and the prices were ridiculously cheap which was even more awesome. An order of California roll (8 pieces) was only $4.50! Plus we got to have some really good quality sister time 🙂

Funny story about the hot tub: it was so hot that our pale Scandinavian skin turned lobster red and I could only muster going in up to my knees so while I was sitting on the ledge, and Windy was in the hot tub, a man with his little baby came in. The baby was in an orange onesie with an ‘m’ on it, fashioned after the M&M candies so I said to Windy that she looks like an M&M and how cute that was. For some reason Windy didn’t see the ‘m’ on the onesie and thought I was referring to looks and that I thought the baby looked like Eminem the famous rapper. So she responded with “No I think she looks like a Kardashian!” We didn’t figure out this miscommunication until we went back to the hotel room and Windy was so confused why I thought the baby looked like a white rapper. Nevertheless it gave us a laugh!

photo 4(4)Being back in Vancouver both made us really nostalgic and reminisced a lot about our life on the Sunshine Coast before we moved to Southern Alberta. I mean how can you not miss this view:

photo 1(5)When I finally got home after a very early wake up call to catch the shuttle back to the airport (we had to be on the bus by 5:50 am yuck), I was so happy to see my little family. I have always loved traveling but nothing compares to your own bed and pillow.

photo 5(1)


xo T


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