Back On The Wagon

So after a brief hiatus, I am back on the workout wagon. Tuesday night I ran 4 miles and then walked another mile while talking to my mom on the phone (she is the only one I could call that wouldn’t mind me huffing and puffing on the phone ;)) I am not sure if I need new shoes, or it has just been too long, but my hips were ridiculously tight after this run so I made sure to do some extra stretches to alleviate some of the tightness. Usually after I run I do a couple sun salutations to regulate my breathing and then flow into some crescent lunges, downward dog splits, and whatever feels like it needs to be stretched after that. My hamstrings get pretty tight as well so I make sure to properly stretch them out afterwards (downward dog feels like heaven on my hamstrings after a long run). Since my hips were so tight I spent quite a bit of time in pigeon pose.


Last night I was craving some deep stretching so I did my current favourite yoga video.

This video is amazing when you are craving a full body workout full of deep stretching. Both times I have done it I have had such a yoga high and come out of my yoga room smiling like a goober :P. Tonight I plan on running an easy 5 km so I am putting this up here for you all to make me accountable so I will follow through. Please help! Brian and I have been PVRing America’s Most Wanted so most nights we watch that and eat chips instead of working out ha ha #fitnessfail

In other news I am IN LOVE with my new shirts that I ordered online. I have worn the white one two days in a row but with different accessories so I don’t think anyone really notices? If they do they haven’t said anything so I am fine with it šŸ˜›

Hope you all have a great day!

xo T



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