Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hello all! I am sorry for my brief hiatus from the blog, things just got a bit cray over the weekend then add in daylight savings time and that equals one moody Tawny. But today is special because it is Treat Yourself Tuesday which is hosted by Becky over at Olives ‘n Wine. The weekly link up is all about treating yourself (however big or small) and that is why I love linking up to it 😉



How have I treated myself lately? Well I have not worked out AT ALL since my long run last Sunday. I am not sure why but each day something came up to eat into my workout time. And then we traveled to Edmonton Thursday after work and didn’t get home until Sunday evening due to ridiculously bad roads that almost doubled our travel time. I brought my workout gear to the in-laws but that never happened. A lot of pizza and cake happened though to celebrate my father in-law’s retirement so I don’t feel bad because it was for a good cause 😛

This week off from working out is not the only way I have been treating myself however. I recently had 4 inches of my hair cut off and it feels A LOT better. It is still pretty long but the ends are not straw-like anymore which is always nice.



I also treated myself and had my very first online shopping experience! Say what you ask? Don’t get me wrong I have bought stuff online before (especially from Etsy) but I have never bought clothes for myself online before. I have looked a lot, but never took the plunge. And wouldn’t you know it I bought two of the same shirt just in different colours. Pretty boring I know but I had to start somewhere. Baby steps! I have a shirt similar to this and I wear it all the time so I know they will get a lot of use (if they fit right that is).

Capture Capture1


I am also treating myself to a week-long trip to Phoenix this month where we will be tailgating for my very first time! American friends: if you have any pointers on this they would be very much appreciated! We are going to the Arizona State vs Oregon State game and apparently their rivalry makes for a pretty good game. Hockey is Canada’s favourite past time but it is usually too cold to do anything crazy for it. The closest we have gotten is going to see a Heritage Classic game a couple years ago where I wore thermal leggings under snow pants, two hoodies, a winter jacket and a toque and still froze (the entire game was outside). We then went out to the bar afterwards in our outfits which was pretty hilarious.


Right after the Phoenix trip I leave for Whistler for a work conference however I somehow managed to talk my sister and my friend into tagging along with me so it is a work trip/girls get away so I am so excited for it!

So tell me: how have you been treating yourself lately?

xo T

3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

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  2. Oooh love your new t-shirts! I don’t think they’re boring at all but I’m a t-shirt kinda gal 😉 As for tailgating, I’m basically a pro 🙂 You’ll want some yard games like bags/corn hole or the golf ball toss game and lots of great snacks and drinks! You’ll have a blast 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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