It’s Gone

Well 4 inches are officially gone from my head.

I went from this:

To this:

Hair_newhair_new2(P.S. my hand looks ginormous in this photo but so does my ring so I’m ok with it :P)

I really like it! It feels SO healthy. You know you need a haircut when you ends are dry when you get out of the shower. They were pretty bad but I guess that is what 6 months with no trim will do. I think I will fall even more in love with it when I style it myself (I had an evening appointment so I just went to bed and my hair was still g2g so I rolled with it this morning). They always straighten my hair and since I don’t do it that on a daily basis it takes a bit to get used to. I figure my hair is already straighter than straight so who cares if it is a little bit poofy amiright?

On a less girly note, today is Halloween (yay!), but I don’t get to dress up (boooo). If you are super curious, you can see some of my old Halloween costumes here.  Brian and I (and Mika of course) are doing the 5 hour trek up to Edmonton right after work for Brian’s brother’s graduation ceremony from Police training. I am pretty excited because it is not every day that I get to get all fancied up and Brian gets to wear a suit! The last time I went to a police graduation ceremony it was my mom’s when I was 4. My Bedste dressed Windy and I up in matching plaid outfits including plaid hair bows to put in our pigtails. I wish I could find the photo because Windy’s face is priceless 😛 We were quite a pair back in the day.



So what are your plans for Halloween? Eat too much candy for me please! I will be trapped in a car on a highway.


xo T


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