TO Cut Or Not To Cut

Brian got home from Edmonton yesterday so that means….I finally got to have a good night’s sleep!



That sounds selfish and of course I missed him but I get seriously grumpy without my sleep.

I haven’t worked out since my long run on Sunday and I can definitely feel it. I just feel….soft and need a good sweat. Monday night Hocus Pocus was on and by the time I had one (or two….) glasses of wine I thought it wouldn’t be a smart idea to try to run with a buzz on ;). And last night Brian got home so I wanted to hang out with him, however we were so tired we were in bed by 9 pm! Tonight I don’t think I will have time to workout because I am getting my hair cut after work!!! I haven’t had it cut since May and wanted it long for the wedding. But now that the wedding is over I think now might be the perfect time…


Right now it is at what I like to call “the Kardashian length” which I love but I just don’t invest that much time in my hair on a daily basis to make it look all curly and pretty all the time like they do. So I am leaning to have it look something like this:

hair_idea4 hair_idea

Thoughts?! I probably won’t get bangs but I really like this length. I haven’t had my hair that length since I had a bad breakup in High School and cut my hair off and died it brown :/

oldschool Another bonus is my hair salon is having a promotion that if you make an appointment for a hair cut you get a free brow wax so I am getting that today too! Thank goodness because I haven’t done anything to them in awhile knowing I was having a free wax so right now I have two furry caterpillars above my eyeballs. Not a good look.

So friends what do you think? Cut it, or just trim it? Why is it that the day of a big hair change is the day that you are in love with your current hair style? I need your help so that I don’t chicken out!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

xo T



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