My New Obsession

My personality has either been “Oh my god I love it so much I am never going to stop loving this” or “…meh”. Didn’t matter if it was movies, food, TV Shows, whatever. My sister actually used to hate watching movies with me because I would watch them on repeat until I could quote the entire movie by heart. I was quoting Wayne’s World way before I never knew what the words meant. Which led to lots of embarrassing moments for my mom when I would quote a specific part of the movie in front of her friends.


I am still the same way. I can watch the same TV show non-stop for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it just drops off and I don’t care about it anymore. There is no in-between. Brian really hates this because usually my TV show affinity is always directed at the Food Network and as I have mentioned before he absolutely hates Guy Fieri.

So it is absolutely no surprise that I am really obsessed with sweet potatoes. Specifically sweet potatoes mashed with coconut oil and that’s it. Oh my god it is so much heaven. However it is kind of embarrassing because it legitimately looks like I brought baby food with me for lunch:

SweetPotatoApologies for the blurry photo. The only thing more embarrassing about bringing what looks like baby food to work with you for lunch is getting caught taking a photo of said lunch by a coworker. (source)

Questions to answer in the comments:

1. Do you have a current obsession whether it be food, movie, TV show, or anything else?

2. What is your favourite way to eat sweet potatoes? I am open to suggestions on this but you really HAVE to try them mashed with coconut oil before I will listen πŸ˜›

Can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday! This week flew by!

xo T




3 thoughts on “My New Obsession

  1. So, I am totally trying sweet potatoes that way.I love homemade sweet potato fries (I know, so conventional). But they are SO GOOD. My current obsessions include:

    – coconut oil hair masks
    – Skins (TV show with a girl who is my twin. Very cool, but also weird cause she is a total drug addict)
    – Grey’s Anatomy (love forever)
    – puppies!! Betcha didn’t think I would say that, huh?

    • Yay try it and let me know how much you love it! Brian usually doesn’t like sweet potatoes but I made him sweet potato fries once and he really liked them! Win! Have you tried making a dipping sauce for the fries yet? I usually do plain Greek yogurt with sriracha and some lemon juice and it is delicious! xo

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