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When Brian and I first got engaged the idea of planning a whole wedding by myself was both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. Countless hours were spent trolling wedding board on Pinterest and signing up for wedding newsletters from The Knot. Countless lists, sleepless nights, and many weekends with a glue gun were spent just to make sure everything was perfect down to the last detail. At the end, was it worth it? Honestly I would say yes and no. I don’t think people realized (or cared really) that I applied every pearl and ribbon by hand to their invitations, or that I had spent almost an entire year decorating mason jars with all different styles of lace and ribbon. But I felt more in control by adding a personalized touch to everything  that had to do with the wedding. I think this is why the rehearsal dinner was so hard for me, because everything was happening at once and I had to step back and let people help me. That was tough. I was so grateful for all the help I had though, there was no way I could have done all of that by myself. Just so those little details get the recognition they deserve, this post is dedicated to all the details that went into our wedding 🙂


One of the things that has always bothered me with some of the brides on TV and on Pinterest is their emphasis on themselves. “It is MY day, I deserve this $10,000 wedding dress,” you know those types. My goal for planning our wedding was that it reflected both of us and our relationship. I wanted people to walk away and feel like they knew us as a couple and I think I achieved that. I didn’t really have a theme or plan in mind when I started but as things progressed my dream wedding unfolded very organically. Fortunately Brian’s main concern was that there was enough booze to satisfy a frat party, so my soft vintage vibe that kept appealing to me was A-okay with him.


Knowing that a lot of the people attending our wedding averaged at the 30 year mark, I really wanted to have a photo component where people could show their photos from the wedding. A lot of people are now using hashtags on Instagram for this, but I found a site that offers a free app for people to download and they give you free printables for the tables. At the end, you just download all the photos people took with the app and thats that! I used Wedding Party App and got some gems of photos from our guests. It is neat going through the app photos because you really see the wedding through your guests perspective and lots of shots that you wouldn’t have seen.

1371349538-2038968 1371350682-2040111

(note the centerpieces that I spent hours and hours on with a hot glue gun as well as the tent card with the instructions on how to download the app)

We really lucked out with our cake. A family friend made it and did an AMAZING job! She completely surprised us with the finished product and it exceeded my expectations completely.

untitled-628 untitled-630


My mom actually found what we ended up using for our seating chart from a garden centre by fluke! Initially I was going to make my own, but this was exactly what I wanted.



My lovely and talented sister Windy designed our Save The Dates, Invitations, and Ceremony Programs and I am so grateful for my bridesmaid Jo, for helping me fold 200 favour boxes and stuff them with pink hershey kisses (my mom went to bulk barn and picked out ONLY the pink ones from the bins for about an hour #props). Our MCs were our good friends and go-to double date couple, Duncan and Erin.



We really liked the dynamic of having a couple up there as they played off one another and gave a unique feel to the reception.

Wedding 399


Looking back now it is pretty hilarious how stressed out Brian and I got about the songs at our wedding. We are both really into music with a heavy emphasis on the 90’s so it was important for our wedding to reflect that. And because we spent so much time deciding on music I am going to point out the different songs now so that everyone knows! Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone planning their upcoming wedding as I know I was super curious as to what other people chose for music for their wedding.

Groomsmen Ceremony Music: Ben Harper – Forever

Bridesmaids & Flower Girl Music: Marry Me – Train

Bride Walk Down the Aisle: Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (acoustic)  (The first time I heard this acoustic version of the song I started to cry. That is how I knew it was the one I wanted to walk down the aisle to)

Recession: Blur – Song 2 (Brian insisted on this song but I think it worked out really well!)

Reception Entrance Song: Marky Mark and the Funk Bunch – Good Vibrations  (how can you not get excited when you listen to this song?!)

First Dance: Phil Collins – A Groovy Kind of Love  (We had this song picked for over a year and kept it a secret from everyone except our DJ)

Mother/Son Dance: Boyz 2 Men – A Song For Mama

Father/Daughter Dance: Adele – Make You Feel My Love (this song I chose purely based on a feeling. it gives me chills every time I hear it and think it is so beautiful)

So as you can see we put a lot of thought into our song choices and really wanted them to reflect us and our relationship. I think we did a pretty good job 🙂

Weddings are so amazing and when your day finally comes it is very surreal. Everyone always says this, but make sure you take a moment and just soak it all in. Be present in the moment and enjoy all the love because it goes by so fast.

xo T



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