Leftovers & Forgotten Traditions

* This is the last Thanksgiving related post for a while I swear! Just bear with me while I get this off my chest*

So as you all now are well aware of, Brian and I held our very first Thanksgiving dinner at our house this past weekend. Yes Canadians have their Thanksgiving in October my American friends 🙂

While planning our dinner, a few things stood out to me. The main things being family traditions and how you never think of them until that time of year comes around. For example, Brian asked me what time we should have Thanksgiving dinner at on Sunday. Simple enough question but I immediately said, “We always have it in the early afternoon. That way you don’t go to bed too full and you can get a walk in while it is still light out.”

My family doesn’t really have many traditions (so I thought) but things I didn’t even think about turned into traditions for us. It just took me to have to make my own Thanksgiving dinner that I realized what was going on. The early dinner thing was just a fluke that happened when we were younger because my mom put the turkey in too early. So we ate really early and liked it! She also always brought out the fancy gold ware for these kinds of family dinners as well. The set is now mine so I got to use it on my dinner table this year.

photo 3(3) photo 4(2)

The set was actually a wedding gift for when my parents got married way back in the day and my mom gave the set to me last year. But since we have been using them for special occasions since I was little, they scream family dinner to me. When I was younger I hated using them because we couldn’t put them in the dishwasher #firstworldproblems right?

The same kind of idea goes with Christmas, it is pretty much a tradition that my family never celebrates Christmas on December 25th. Because I come from a split family and both parents work random hours, it just worked out that Christmas was whenever we could all be together. But isn’t that what these days are all about anyway? It doesn’t matter what time you eat at or what specific day you celebrate on, these days are for being grateful for the people you have in your life.

Leftovers are just a bonus of these big family dinners. I could eat turkey sandwiches for days I love them so much! Random fact: I don’t like cranberry sauce on my turkey but I love it on my leftover turkey sandwiches…how does that work out?


Hope you are having a fabulous Hump Day!


xo T


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