You Can Relax Now

I know a bunch of you had to spend the weekend on the edge of your seat to see how my Thanksgiving menu worked out and I am happy to report that it was success! Yay! Brian completely ROCKED the turkey and I am so proud of him! It looked like it came out of a magazine, covered in bunches of thyme with browned skin and everything!

photo 2(4)

I ended up using this stuffing recipe using the crockpot and the flavour turned out amazing, but like a lot of the reviews said, it got pretty mushy. My sister came up with the idea to put it in a shallow baking dish and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes and it turned out perfect! It was a good balance of mushyness and crispyness if that makes sense 😛 (side note – I even cut up and browned all the bread to make this stuffing…it’s a lot of work!)

The Brussels sprouts recipe from Rachel Ray was a big hit as well as the pumpkin pie appetizer dip. We dipped graham crackers and slices of Granny Smith apples in it and it was delicious. (side note – the recipe called for candied pecans and I couldn’t find them in Save On for the life of me so I candied my own pecans…I may have taken this home cooked Thanksgiving dinner thing a bit far but they were relatively easy and were a big hit!).

photo 1(4)

We ended up just using packaged gravy but we poured the turkey drippings in it too so that counts a bit no? I also made two pumpkin pies for the dinner and I don’t remember where I found the recipe but I think it was just a standard one as my mom used the same one for hers. Somehow though and we don’t know why mine turned out SO GOOD and my mom’s tasted like it was missing something. Namely sugar. It just tasted like if you ate the inside of a raw pumpkin, so we ended up throwing it out. So we had an unofficial pumpkin pie off and I won by a mile on my first try by default ha ha! My mom also brought two lemon meringue pies that were delicious and cranberry sauce from scratch so all that made up for the less than stellar pumpkin pie 🙂 Our family friend also joined us for dinner and she brought some sides too so needless to say we had A LOT of food.

photo 3(4)


So much food in fact that we had to do a buffet style set up because it wouldn’t all fit on the table! This made for a good photo opportunity though 🙂 Thanks to Windy for being my food plate example for the above photo. Real conversation during the impromptu photo shoot:

Windy: “Did you get the steam in that last photo?”

Me: “Oh yeah I did, look at that steam!”

FYI those brown pucks covering the orange mash is our traditional marshmallow topped yams…it tastes really good though!

By the end of the weekend my legs and feet were throbbing and it felt like I ran 10 km I was so exhausted Sunday night. I have to give props to the women who have been doing this work for generations. It is no joke! I was saved because I had a lot of help and it was our first time so we always had that to fall back on if anything went bad. But just the prep work for the feast on Sunday night took me all day Saturday to do. I had to get my pies done, do all my chopping and get organized for the chaos on Sunday. It was a lot of work! Not to mention the clean up afterwards is always time consuming. At least I am prepared now though and the next time we do this it will be a bit easier.

Just checked with my mom and nope it is always that time consuming. Awesome.


xo T



4 thoughts on “You Can Relax Now

  1. Everything looked yummy! Great tip for dressing I know It’s a lot of work, after last year I said this year I’m Mennonite. You did a great job! Far better than I’ve ever done geez I wish I had half your ya lots xo. From elder Karen (lol)

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