Our First Thanksgiving!

Yes, my American friends, your eyes do not deceive you, I did in fact just title my post ‘Our First Thanksgiving’. You see, up here in the Arctic Canada, Thanksgiving is in October! Making this upcoming weekend awesome because Monday is a holiday and I get to stuff my face with pie and gravy hang out with family! This year will be extra special because it is Brian and I’s first Thanksgiving being a married couple (aaawwwwww) AND we are having my family over to our house for the occasion <insert freaked out face here>.  Why freaked out you ask? Well here is my list of things I have never cooked before:

– a whole turkey

– pumpkin pie

– stuffing

– gravy from scratch

….pretty much everything amazing about Thanksgiving! <insert freaked out face here>



Thankfully Brian associates cooking a turkey with being a man so I am saved from that but everything else is kind of daunting. I know there are easy (ie: pre-packaged) ways of serving stuffing, pumpkin pie, and gravy but I figure why not go balls-out on my first attempt and see what happens. If it goes wrong we can all laugh about it like my fruit pie fiasco that is still haunting me. Side note: since googling stuffing recipes, I never realized there was such a hot debate concerning baked stuffing versus cooked inside a carcass stuffing. It is fascinating stuff, really. But seriously which one should I do? Ie: which one is easier and less labor intensive while still being home-y and Martha Stewart-esque 😉

This recipe is freaking me out with all the mentions of necks and giblets. I don’t want to be probing a dead turkey carcass trying to locate said giblet on Monday while making this face:



Although the image in my head is pretty hilarious, I don’t want that to happen. Seriously though I need an adult. I might have to call my mom over to “help me” and get her to do all the probing dead carcass work 🙂

Stuffing. Baked or Stuffed? 

Any recipes you want to share with me that could work for our Thanksgiving? Please?!

xo T


4 thoughts on “Our First Thanksgiving!

  1. Crockpot stuffing, easy,delicious and you get more cause I find you lose a lot when you stuff the carcass although never tried baked. xo

    • Crockpot is a great idea! Then you clear up a spot on the stove/oven too! Thanks Karen 🙂 Hope you had a great birthday! We can FaceTime this weekend if you guys are free!

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